New Book On San Pedro

Posted By: carol faber

New Book On San Pedro - 01/22/06 06:50 PM

My new book on San Pedro has just been published. Contained in this small travel book is information on the hotel we stayed in food we ate and of course the 'chicken drop'. There is also information on tours, sea life, etc. It is the comical travels of 2 women to San Pedro. To take a look at it or to order a copy, please go to The name of the book is 2 Jamericans travel to San Pedro Belize. Hope you enjoy it.
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Re: New Book On San Pedro - 01/22/06 08:51 PM

how many pages is the book, can you review what the chapter titles are? will it be in stores as well?
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: New Book On San Pedro - 01/22/06 10:09 PM

I very much enjoy reading traveloges. I am wondering after reviewing the website above if this is a book on san pedro or a book on your experiences and journal in San Pedro. The excerpts make me tend to think it is the second. Please let me know. How long were you in San Pedro, how long ago, and was it just one visit? Thank you.
Posted By: carol faber

Re: New Book On San Pedro - 01/23/06 12:45 AM

My friend and I were in San Pedro for 2 weeks. We had never been before but travel alot. We separately journaled our experiences every day. It was amazing how we saw things differently. Because there are 14 days and each wrote on each day there are 28 chapters. However, it is not a large book and of course we think it is entertaining. We wrote on the tours we took, the people we met and the business (food, motels, etc.) we frequented. We were there in Feb. It has taken this long for it to be published. This is my first book and hope to do many more. As far as being in the stores, only if it gets popular enough. Thank you for your makes me feel that maybe it was worth all the writing.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: New Book On San Pedro - 01/23/06 12:57 AM

I traveled to San Pedro 6 times before moving here and journaled every day too on each trip. It is fun to look back at my observations each time and what changed on the island and my opinions as I kept returning. I now journal once a week here. I do love reading travel books and traveloges but when I used to be in Barnes and Nobles going through them (which was often) I never found anyone else in that section. It is just good you journaled for your own memories, whether people buy it or not.

What are Jamericans? By the way, you mention the 2 women at the pool hall above Blu and wondering what they were doing there since they were not playing...everytime I have gone to that pool hall I never have played pool or the slots there. wink

It was fun to see the two people you talked about in the excerpt are people I know and fun to read about your experiences at places I like... I am going to buy the book. Will be fun to read your observations after 2 weeks here. How can I get it faster since I live on the island?
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Re: New Book On San Pedro - 01/23/06 01:29 AM

I'm rather new to the board and planning our first trip to Ambergris Caye in November 06. I assume your term Jamericans is referring to a frequent visitor to Jamaica. If this is so, my husband and I have traveled there over 18 times. This year, upon return from Negril, we decided to try somewhere new for our 20th Anniv. Belize sounded like the place to go and AC sounded even better. I just ordered your book and can't wait for it to arrive! Thanks for posting and thanks for giving me the opportunity to purchase it. I know I'll learn a lot before my visit. Respect to you and your friend! :rolleyes:
Posted By: carol faber

Re: New Book On San Pedro - 01/23/06 01:02 PM

Thank you so much for ordering the book. Yes, Jamericans are Americans that feel part of their hearts are in Jamaica. We have traveled there once or twice a year for the last 10 or 15 years. Negril is like a second home to us. Again thank you and I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know.
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Re: New Book On San Pedro - 01/23/06 08:25 PM

I know that term.. I've been called a "Jamerican" for several years ( at least when i lived on the east coast )

I've been to Jamaica 16 times over a period of about 11 years.. had a roomie in the marines who was from kingston.. and then in my undergrad years, had a friend on the rugby team who was from port antonio... spent many wonderful weeks there over the years... but like many places, the things that you love about a place change over time, and then it's time to find someplace new.
Posted By: wvgal

Re: New Book On San Pedro - 01/24/06 06:09 AM

As they say in Jamaica, True, True! I fell in love with the people and the food and of course, the weather. We have many friends there and always will; but, the time has come to venture out a bit. After much research, I felt a pull to Belize. Ambergis Caye seemed to fit the bill, so to say, and we decided to book the trip. My husband and I are so excited for our upcoming trip. Somewhere deep inside I feel that we may have found a new spot to relax and discover our inner self again. This message board has been a God-send! Thanks to all and I can't wait to discover all that Belize has to offer. Carol, I can't wait to read your book. I'm sure it will help me feel at home even before I'm there. Much respect!!
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