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Posted By: OrganicThinker

Budget Suggestions - 01/30/06 08:41 PM

I have a schedule outlined in my head for
March 5-12
-couple nights stay at Pedro's Backpacker's Inn (in order to meet other travelers)
-Dive certification for about $250 (location TBD)
-Dive the Blue Hole
Return to Belize City for the end of the canoe race and Bliss Day.

Looking for suggestions. Does this canoe race bring alot of traffic to Belize? What is there to do for the Bliss Day celebration?

Should I consider Ruby's or Martha's over Pedro's?
Remember I'm looking to hang with other travelers.

Thanks Everyone
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/30/06 08:53 PM

Can you dive the Blue Hole as a "newbie" diver? I thought not...

Perhaps try Pedro's Inn one night and Ruby's another night.

You can eat at the park super cheap and the food is really good. There are also many other cheap places to dine. Ask around as you'll find most people on the island to be very helpful.
Posted By: Belikin Bill

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/30/06 08:56 PM

Why go to belize city? If you are looking to meet other travelers, diving, fishing and nightlife, stay in san pedro. For food, bed and a Belikin how can you beat $20 althought I only had a beer there but the people staying there liked it.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/30/06 09:40 PM

Pedro's Inn is ideal for what you are looking for and for the money is the cleanest and nicest and newest there is!!! Pedro's is a BARGAIN-- seriously check it out!!---Have Fun!!! The Blue Hole? eek
Posted By: streetchie

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/30/06 09:56 PM

I agree. Take Belize City off the itinerary. You'll have much more fun in SP.
Posted By: inthemarket

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/30/06 10:22 PM

No! You are not supposed to dive Blue Hole (any 140 ft site) after just getting certified! You should have a certain amount of dives. I would not recommend or trust going with a company that says it does not matter, I might think twice about them.
Posted By: inthemarket

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/30/06 10:25 PM

March 10 Baron Bliss Day
A public and bank holiday commemorating a great benefactor. Every year on March 9th Belize honours the memory and generosity of the late English Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss. Baron Bliss came to Belize to enjoy sailing and fishing in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, and eventually died there. In gratitude for the legacy he left to the people of Belize each year an official ceremony is held at his tomb located below the lighthouse in the Belize harbour followed by fishing and sailing regattas throughout the country. This event is a must for those who enjoy the excitement of fishing and sailing.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/31/06 12:13 AM

PLEASE Do not plan to dive anyplace but the reef when you are newly certified. In addition to the US $350 you are now required to buy your own books.
What makes you think you will like SCUBA?
To save time and money take the course at home - all except the open water part. Get a referral and bring it down and do the open water here.
Posted By: phillytodd

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/31/06 12:39 AM

i agree with scuba lady and in the market... no new diver should be diving the blue hole... I'm sure there are companies that will take you, but remember that it's your ass on the line should you freak out at over 100 feet of depth.

I had a few newbies with me on an advanced dive in thailand ( didn't know it until we got out there ).. i almost wrung the neck of the dive shop operator when I got back.. we had a fat dutch guy (who while being very entertaining) couldn't equalize or control his buoyancy.. and would pop to the surface from a depth of 15 meters... it's a wonder this numbnuts didn't die.

ok.. I digress. Have a great trip and enjoy your intro to diving.. but do yourself and fellow divers a favor, and stay on the reef.. you'll see lots of marine life and have a great time.
Posted By: OrganicThinker

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/31/06 07:26 PM

Hey that's the feedback I was looking for. The Blue Hole will give me a reason to come back, right! I may ditch the hole SCUBA thing all together and buy a Snorkel on Ebay! Entertaining ideas is what I do, I'm an Organic Thinker after all. Thanks for the info. I'll put it to good use and save you all some grief by keeping on the reef!
Posted By: seashell

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/31/06 07:41 PM

Actually we want you to keep off the reef. wink

Sure, dive it, love it, but don't touch it.
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/31/06 08:04 PM

Organic: You will love snorkeling. Book a trip that takes you to Mexico Rocks, better yet a BBQ trip that takes you to Mexico Rocks....It is GREAT! I recommend taking your own snorkel and mask instead of renting. Have Fun!
Posted By: Belikin Bill

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/31/06 08:18 PM

OT you might enjoy a trip to Caye Caulker. Take the water taxi both ways. Hang out at the split and IMHO lunch at Rasta Pasta is the best meal you will eat while in belize.
Posted By: atomicindy

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/31/06 11:05 PM

You can always snorkel the Blue Hole and dive the other two dives.
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/31/06 11:14 PM

Originally posted by Belikin Bill:
OT you might enjoy a trip to Caye Caulker. Take the water taxi both ways. Hang out at the split and IMHO lunch at Rasta Pasta is the best meal you will eat while in belize.
Thanks BB.
I was thinking of going to CC this Sat. smile
Posted By: klcman

Re: Budget Suggestions - 01/31/06 11:58 PM

Nice avaatar TQ ! Almost makes me want to stand and salute! laugh

Got those lips all ready to pucker?
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Budget Suggestions - 02/02/06 03:12 PM

Ha ha ha ha! Yes, will take pictures. wink
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Budget Suggestions - 02/02/06 03:25 PM

PLEASE - do not buy something as personal as a mask, snorkel and fins on an auction ssite. It is very important to try on a mask to make sure it fits your face.
I agree with PhillyTodd; advance dive sites are for advanced divers. Don't take a chance of spoiling other peoples trips.
Posted By: lasergod

Re: Budget Suggestions - 02/02/06 03:56 PM

Shark Ray alley snorkling is a blast.
Posted By: crayonlover06

Re: Budget Suggestions - 02/02/06 04:06 PM

OT, I agree that Shark Ray Alley is perfect for a non-certified first timer! Enjoy!!
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Budget Suggestions - 02/02/06 11:40 PM


You will not be disappointed on the reef!!

Due to having middle ear surgery, I cannot take scuba lessons...BUT, Hol Chan Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, Tres Cocos and Mexico Rocks have so much to offer. You will be amazed whether you dive or snorkel on Ambergris Caye. So even tho I can't dive, the water is so clear, you see much in 10 meters!! Enjoy
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