First trip to Ambergirs Questions

Posted By: jcowdogg

First trip to Ambergirs Questions - 02/18/06 01:43 AM

I am coming to A.C. at the end of March and I am really excited. I have found a lot of useful information on here, and I want to have a good idea of the island before I go so I can get the most out of the trip. So I wanted to ask a few of questions before I go. Any info is helpful...

1. What are the good places to go and hear live music?

2. If I want to stay away from timeshare peddlers is there anyplace that I should stay away from?

3. Is there anything I should be cautious of?

4. How is the beach at Mata Rocks, because that is where I am staying.

Thats all for now, thanks
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: First trip to Ambergirs Questions - 02/18/06 01:55 AM

1. Fido's Thurs. - Sat. night and Dennis Wolfe when he's at BC's or somewhere else.

2. They exsist but I've never seen them so they are not that common, I don't think. Or perhaps I just look poor. laugh

3. You may be asked to buy drugs but it's harmless. Don't bring any valubles to AC so theft is not an issue. Put passports and cash in a safe place, common sense stuff.

4. don't know.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: First trip to Ambergirs Questions - 02/18/06 04:55 AM

she has great advice answers. As far as timeshares, there was a brief period they were all over and as of recent we have new rules and regulations on how/where they can approach people. They normally approach couples as you have to be a married couple to do the timeshare tours. Mata Rocks "beach" is alright, but within 5 minutes of beautiful beaches both directions. Ramons beach is nice and not far from you.
Posted By: jaybug

Re: First trip to Ambergirs Questions - 02/18/06 03:20 PM

1. agree with travelqueen
2. my husband and I were approached on the beach between the island ferry and BC's on more than one occasion. Just be straight foreward with them if you are not interested. They were a bit pushy but that is just their job.
3. as far as the drug comment. my husband and myself were not approached once to buy drugs, although i do know it happens from time to time. as for the rest of the advise from travelqueen on this question i totally agree.
4. no idea
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