Buy orders!

Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Buy orders! - 02/27/06 10:44 PM

Just took advantage of the new bridge this weekend, NICE!

I can see the Tres Cocos going crazy in price as this area will soom become the "affluent" area of town (being seperated by the river).

The bridge makes it so convenient now (from 1/2 hour+ down to minutes).

Just sent out messages for all to get into something in the Tres Cocos area.

Posted By: Tillie

Re: Buy orders! - 02/28/06 12:42 AM



You have always seemed to have a fair understanding of the AC real estate market although your political views seem a little on the edge at times. It makes sense that the completion of the bridge should increase the value of some of the closer developments to San Pedro on the north end.

Do you have a couple that you would recommend?
Posted By: BelizeBomber

Re: Buy orders! - 02/28/06 12:54 AM

So what is available in the Tres Cocos area?
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Buy orders! - 02/28/06 03:03 PM

Interested in Land and/or homes in Tres Cocos? Drop me a pm or email us at <>
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