Kid friendly place to stay?

Posted By: Pat-n-Texas

Kid friendly place to stay? - 03/03/06 03:42 AM

Hello everyone,

I plan on taking my two sons on a snorkeling trip to Ambergris Caye sometime in June.

I would like some opinions on where's a nice place to stay with good snorkeling off the beach. And, any recommendations on snorkeling tour guides?

The boy's are 8 & 10.


Posted By: atomicindy

Re: Kid friendly place to stay? - 03/03/06 05:43 AM

Banana Beach or Sunbreeze would be great places. They both have nice pools and some decent beaches. There is more to do right around the Sunbreeze but Banana gives you a very nice breakfast.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Kid friendly place to stay? - 03/03/06 12:59 PM

The Palms and Xanadu are also good family places, along with the above. No real snorkeling off the shore but it is pretty decent under Ramon's pier (next to The Palms). Lil Alfonse for snorkeling guide.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Kid friendly place to stay? - 03/03/06 04:13 PM

It's not wise to snorkel right off-shore. Way too much boat traffic.

You will see some hotel dock areas that are cordoned off with buoys, these piers normally have some kind of habitat for wonderful little sea creatures, and are safe from boats. Victoria House and Ramon's piers definitely have neat snorkel areas under the piers.

Have the boys start looking up sea horses, octopus, shrimps etc in their books or on-line so they can begin getting excited! Other creatures to look for include the little sponge crabs, bristle star fish, sea urchins, cow fish... the list goes on.

Ohh, you have to go to Rico's at Banyan Bay for lunch one day. Go to the gazebo and throw in some kind of food, then sit back and watch the eels vying for the scraps. Really cool!
Have a blast.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Kid friendly place to stay? - 03/03/06 04:18 PM

I forgot, in the Mar De Tumbo beach area which includes Banana Beach Resort, Banyan Bay, Grand Colony and Mata Rocks Resort there is the most popular beach on the island.

Although we don't have wide expanses of beach we do have some neat sand bars that the kids love jumping around in. They are at Mar De Tumbo beach. Especially on the weekends tons of locals come to this area to picnic and hang.
Posted By: Pat-n-Texas

Re: Kid friendly place to stay? - 03/08/06 06:26 PM

Thanks! everyone for the info.

Banana Beach is full. I tried Victoria House because mom wants to go now(after she saw where and what I was up too). That's booked as well for the time we need, 1st week in June.

I have the travel agent checking on what's available.

I'm anxious to see what she(agent) says.

I'll let ya know what I find out.

Thanks again!

Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Kid friendly place to stay? - 03/08/06 07:49 PM

The Villas at Banyan Bay offer the only "Children's Reef" on the island. Also at Banyan Bay is Mar de Tumbo beach - the best on AC. Nice spacious 2br suites with a great pool.


Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Kid friendly place to stay? - 03/09/06 03:45 AM

Or maybe Mata Rocks Resort. Tried Royal Palm Villas - not a full service resort but walking distance to all of the others mentioned here.
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