General info?

Posted By: finigan

General info? - 03/06/06 05:31 PM

Well I have been quietly reading this forum and it has been a big help. I am going to put some questions out there and see if I can get a bit of general advise so here goes.... I am looking for input as far as entertainment for all ages, my oldest is 23, single male, and my youngest is 7 lol so as you can see we will be looking for a bit of it all to say the least. My biggest concern is for my oldest, while his interest do expand beyond bikini's and beer, I am hoping I am not talking him into a vacation with little kids and retiree's (no offense to those at all) So while I know my younger one's 7, 13, 14 will have fun I am looking for a bit of input as to night life for the older one. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and am soooo looking forward to coming regardless.
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Re: General info? - 03/06/06 07:24 PM

for your son :going to the clubs is probally the funnest thing for him to do, probally meet other people there his age and could hang and drink with them.
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Re: General info? - 03/07/06 04:42 PM

Thanks everyone for the input, we are planning on staying the first couple of days at one of the lodges in Belize, we all would like to experience a few of the attractions there before heading to the island (cave tubing, zoo, zipline etc..) Then onto the island for lots of snorkeling, kayaking, etc..and as an update, my oldest has talked his roomate into coming with him! They are like a couple of little kids the week before Christmas! Well I guess I should say so am I! Anyways, I love this forum and check it daily, we will be on the island April 1st for 10 days and would love to put a face to any of the locals I have been reading. Again thanks for the help and will continue to read and anxousley (sp) wait.
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