The Cookie Lady

Posted By: Dan Carey

The Cookie Lady - 03/10/06 06:26 PM

&nbsp &nbspHi all,
is tha woman who sells cookies on the beach still around? I didn't see her the last time I was on island and I hope that she's still around.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbspDan
Posted By: jaybug

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/10/06 06:31 PM

I was there at the end of January and I bought cookies from a lady at BC's on Sunday. Not sure if it is who you are talking about, but her chocolate chip cookies were awesome!

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/10/06 06:36 PM

If it is the lady with the long braid, she is still around. We were there February 23-March 3 and saw her many times! She was at BC's and often walking the beach in front of Paradise Villas.
Posted By: Coco Loco Lady

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/10/06 08:24 PM

Pam the cookie lady was also down at Crazy Canucks in Feb.
Posted By: sandb

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/10/06 08:50 PM

Her main route starts about 4 from her place, goes along Front street to Fidos, cuts through to the beach, heads South and usually runs out about The Palms/Ramons...also very good banana nut loaves...yum.
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/10/06 10:35 PM

"also very good banana nut loaves...yum." I concur!!
Posted By: Wyoming Carla

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/11/06 02:26 AM

Dan...look on LaGrange pics on this site....he took pictures of the cookie lady!!!
Posted By: Fluffy

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/11/06 02:53 AM

Pam's, aka Cookie Lady, carrot cake is awesome. Lots of yummy frosting. Can't wait till I see her in April.
Posted By: Jodi

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/16/06 01:19 AM

Saw her last November when we were in AC. Peanut Butter cookies were to die for!
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/16/06 01:30 AM

Oooooeeeee. Another great reason to go to AC : )
We'll be looking for her.
Posted By: scubawalk

Re: The Cookie Lady - 03/16/06 02:15 AM

How awsome! I am sitting here reading the message board and eating a chocolate chip cookie I bought from the cookie lady on Sunday at BC's and I open a message board post about the cookie lady. She is alive and well. I bought 5 bags of cookies at the benefit for the calendar girls last Sunday.
They are(were)great!
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