Fruit Lady

Posted By: Pedro1

Fruit Lady - 05/01/06 06:05 PM

I went to the hospital today and gave Julia's husband 2800 bzd(more money has been promised by various people)-it was embarrasing their eyes opened so wide and tears were brimming-they obviously could not believe what they were seeing-I saw her wounds though covered by bandages -they looked like Anthony Sopranos after he was shot by his uncle)the room in the surgical ward was very clean but there was nothing there not even a bottle of water-through my interpreter her husband told me they had no money left-the only help they had received was 200bzd from her church and 700 bzd from Armando Graniel-
I would like to thank the following who have made their day
Tim,Byron,Steve,Jan,Reaper,Deacon,Johnny from Tropic,scuba do,ambergishog,sun @sand,windjammer,deacon,Mark,Chris,Otterlaum,Pedro2,Marty-if Mobunny,and finally Hazel.
If I have missed anyone I apologise and will make it up to them with a free drink at my place.
we are arranging for legal services to make sure that they do not get screwed on the insurance side-they have not been in touch and I have impressed on the husband not to sign anything until I and legal reps are present.
On a final note the money is not going to last long -maybe people are collecting money for them/maybe not but as yet nothing has arrived -her wounds are appalling and she is going to have to move out of her room on saturday to a general ward(nothing like as clean)for people who have not contributed maybe you may feel like sending Steve a few dead presidents to make this lovely poor couples days happier and without a doubt easier.
p.s.s my taxi driver/interpreter was also in tears
Posted By: Marty

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/01/06 06:52 PM

now i'm in tears. youze a good man pedro1. peace and thanks to all
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/01/06 08:00 PM

Another 700bzd has been raised-I will deliver this this week anyone up for any more-
thanks to Atomiccindy,Pam and Rudi
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/01/06 10:04 PM

Another 100 bzd provided by an un-named source
Posted By: Marty

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/02/06 04:56 AM

gotta love this kind of anonymous support
Posted By: Short

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/02/06 07:58 AM

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/02/06 10:09 PM

Julia has been moved to her home which is on the island and it appears that she has a long period of recuperation to go-over the next few weeks I will drip feed the last monies around a 1000bzd-I know it will not be enough but I feel the message board has done its job and made people aware of her plight-we will close the fund raising down on friday-I will go and see her over the next few days and make a report back to you all-thanks to everyone who helped-I have heard that some people are going to raise money for her through radio and other means but nothing concrete.
Posted By: reaper

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/02/06 10:12 PM

$50usd more on the way in Malibu's honor for "Naming the North" cool
Posted By: Pam&Dave

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/02/06 10:19 PM

Steve is going to have an update that will make your visit to Julia's home even more of a blessing.
Posted By: Pam&Dave

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/02/06 10:33 PM

Please let us know if she has any luck with the insurance company. It takes time for those things to be finalized. She needs help now. You are right, this message board can be amazing.
A special thank you to Ambergris Today the local paper that has run 2 articles bringing attention to Julia's plight.
Posted By: spl

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/02/06 11:17 PM

Originally posted by Pam&Dave:
If you have the ability to contribute and don't do so after reading it, well...
what is ur point? :rolleyes:

P1, I said I would donate, I will. I am down in the next couple of months. If I see her beautiful face on the streets selling fruit, then there is where I'll donate the money. Thanks for doing ths.
Posted By: Under Da Water

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/02/06 11:32 PM

Yeah what's up with the moral elitism ive seen on the board. Ok, you've done good for sake of others, but you can't pass judgement because of that. At any given point there are millions of people doing good. It doesnt give them the right to point their fingers at others for not doing good at that time. Do good for the sake of doing good, and realize that none of us can really change the world.
Posted By: Pam&Dave

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/02/06 11:46 PM

A contribution is not always monetary.
I hope my edit meets with your approval.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Fruit Lady - 05/03/06 02:24 AM

Don't forget that it's right NOW that she and her husband need help. A couple of months' time is good but doesn't help them to feed now.
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