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Posted By: travelin lite

real estate purchase - 05/22/06 03:00 AM

Anybody own down on Ambergris Caye? I'll be heading down in November and I'm trying to learn the market early so that I can buy down there. Probably a beach front condo set up is all I can afford. Advice? Thanks!
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: real estate purchase - 05/22/06 03:48 AM

What specifically would you like to know? Amanda will be able to answer your questions very well. Some people on the board do own down here, but depending on what you buy the experience could vary from person to person. Let us know your questions I think people would be happy to share.
Posted By: JZB

Re: real estate purchase - 05/22/06 02:27 PM

The most important advice (as said many times on this board) is use a reputable and established real estate company. With the boom in real estate here and no formal license needed, everybody and their brother seems to be opening up an 'office'. Sometimes their office is their golfcart. Check the company's website for listings you may be interested in. Companies that have a good selection include Ambergris Seaside Real Estate, Southwind Properties, Sunrise, and Pelican Properties. All these websites can be found from the real estate section of this website.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: real estate purchase - 05/22/06 05:41 PM

Bring cash.
Posted By: travelin lite

Re: real estate purchase - 05/23/06 12:40 AM

"Bring cash."

I think you may be serious after finding some information on rates down there. Has anyone had success finding US banks willing to finance foreign properties? 12% is a bit high! I'll be looking into those companies you suggested, JZB, and thanks for that. I'm looking for a rental property that will provide a bit of income yet I can use a good month each year. Thanks everyone.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: real estate purchase - 05/23/06 12:44 AM

that is pretty much correct. I personally have not heard of anyone getting US financing in Belize.
Posted By: JZB

Re: real estate purchase - 05/23/06 02:06 PM

US Banks will not finance property down here. You will have to take out a loan against your US property if that is the route you want to take. Or you'll have to pay the 12% here in Belize.
Posted By: Phil

Re: real estate purchase - 05/23/06 04:48 PM

Sadly 12% is low here now. 16% is closer to the norm at the banks. There are a couple of places you can get US funding but I think you need to be A US citizen. Seen one advertised on Jesse's site for less than 10% but I know no more than this and have no idea on the surety or if the assets can be in Belize.
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Re: real estate purchase - 06/19/06 06:44 AM

Lacy - You need to go to bed girl!
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Re: real estate purchase - 06/19/06 01:10 PM

lacy, when are you down next? I'd love to arrange a meet n' greet!
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