Friut Lady

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Friut Lady - 06/01/06 01:58 AM

How is the Fruit Lady?
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Friut Lady - 06/01/06 03:13 AM

I will relay invfo tomorrow when I drop off "the boards" weekly stipend
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Friut Lady - 06/02/06 09:39 PM

I went to see Julia today and she is making great progress and it is hoped that she will be walking soon
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/02/06 09:55 PM

Thank you Pedro1.
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/02/06 10:10 PM

:-) mobunny
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/02/06 10:30 PM

Is she back on the island? Or is she still on mainland at the hospital?
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/02/06 11:29 PM

Pedro1 - we left money for the fruit lady when we were there with Steve at Coconet's, and was wondering if you got it? This is not a "trust" issue, we love Steve, just wondered if it was distributed to her yet?
Karen & Michelle
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/03/06 01:37 AM

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Re: Friut Lady - 06/03/06 01:44 AM

Just how much have you received? How much have you paid out? This is a public fund raiser and the public is entitled to know. So publish your statements.
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Friut Lady - 06/03/06 01:47 AM

We have distributed 4500bzd and we have at least 900bzd to go-Steve is in the U.S. so I will have to check on the exact amount.
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Friut Lady - 06/03/06 01:48 AM

slighter quicker distribution than other fund raisers
Posted By: Now Danny

Re: Friut Lady - 06/03/06 09:55 AM

Peter, I think you and Steve are doing a good job.
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/04/06 09:43 PM

Pedro have you a proper ledger and oversight on the receipts and payouts? Please publish same.
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Friut Lady - 06/04/06 11:49 PM

No I have none of these- I hand out the money -Steve collects the majortity-please review all postingss on fruit lady-all the people who donated seem very happy with what has been distributed and what has yet to be distributed-I collected another 150bzd today which will go into the pot-
a number of people who donated did it privately and some who donated publicly did not want the details published of how much they gave
Myako please donate-looking at you previous posts I see that you would be one of those that would want to hold onto the money until the world comes to an end-rather than just hand over money when the person actually needs it.
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/05/06 01:49 AM

Pedro -- you may be controversial and your approach is often lacking IMHO, but you care too much about your community to do anything nefarious. I see that in all your posts.

Thank you for your stewardship.
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/05/06 01:51 AM

I was one of the first to give-- and have complete trust in Pedro1 and Steve-- as Now Danny just said...they are doing a good job
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/05/06 10:13 PM

Thanks for everyone's input. I'm glad to hear that she is doing better. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/06/06 01:26 PM

I have donated to many charities and I am very happy with the handling of the funds thus far, SPSC being one of them. I would not want to see any charity break the law just to appease a hand-ful of people who have not even bothered to donate themselves. To each his own. We are all happy to see Miss Julia receiving and returning to health, and you, Pedro, have done a great service in helping her as have many others.
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Re: Friut Lady - 06/06/06 01:58 PM

Myako-beside the people who put their funds together and used Steve and I as a fulcrum-who else has "has done great service"-according to Julia's husband they hyave received no other funds other than the ones listed on the message board-perhaps you know more than he does and would you therefore elucidate.

Re: Friut Lady - 06/06/06 08:40 PM

We stopped by julia's (The fruit lady) home for a private visit last week. She is still in a lot of pain and will need add'l surgery (s). This poor woman has gone through a lot already including loosing a kidney and has many scars from the accident. Julia and her family very much appreaciate (sp) all the money etc. that everyone has donated as they do not have any income do to the accident and do not know if and when she will ever be able to work again. Please if you can, help this family to cope with this tragic situation. frown
Posted By: myako

Re: Friut Lady - 06/06/06 10:48 PM

Pedro you misunderstand my post. I am not privy to any other assistance given to Miss Julia, other than that which you and Steve have arranged. The many others of whom I speak, and to elucidate for your convenience, are those who have chosen to send money to you to disburse to Miss Julia. Carry on.
Posted By: kwalkpt

Re: Friut Lady - 06/14/06 03:54 AM

I was told today that Miss Julia is getting married on Sunday!!
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