Toothbrushes and pups

Posted By: Seachange

Toothbrushes and pups - 06/03/06 03:53 PM

Hello all,
Getting ready to visit soon. A couple of last minute questions.

We have about 60 kids' toothbrushes for the dental clinic in SP. Anyone know if the next clinic is still scheduled in mid-June? Is it likely Customs will be concerned about allowing us to bring in the toothbrushes?

Also, considering adopting a young potlicker. Does anyone know: If a dog is brought back to the US, must it go in the hold or can it go under a passenger seat? I am not sure I would want to subject a young dog to riding in the hold.

Thanks for any input. Very excited about our fourth visit in as many years.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Toothbrushes and pups - 06/03/06 06:08 PM

The time of year counts there's usually an embargo on having live animals in cargo during the summer months.

There is one little guy headed up to the US on Monday, I'll check for you to see how he's traveling and when the embargo starts.

Kathy at Pampered Paws is very knowledgeable about the process having arranged many adoptions to the US. Give her a call at 226-2227 when you get here and she'll help you out with the details.
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Re: Toothbrushes and pups - 06/03/06 08:07 PM

The dentists will be at the Poly Clinic June 12-16, I am sure Dr. Mark Johnson would appreciate the donation!
Posted By: Seachange

Re: Toothbrushes and pups - 06/03/06 08:29 PM

I appreciate the information!!!
Posted By: Seachange

Re: Toothbrushes and pups - 06/06/06 11:11 AM

Does anyone know whether there will be issues with Customs in bringing the toothbrushes to Belize? I received them for free from a dentist and will contributing them. Thanks.
[2 more sleeps - woohoo!]
Posted By: monica

Re: Toothbrushes and pups - 06/08/06 12:31 PM

I brought our dog back to Canada, in Aug of 04,he weighted about 3 lbs, he went under the seat a head of us,we had no trouble at all, we flew via Houston, just carried him from plane to plane, he is now almost 2 and is a great pet, he has the Island look on life, he was well worth bring home.
Posted By: TannedBanana

Re: Toothbrushes and pups - 06/08/06 06:26 PM

You can call Animal Port Houston. They have alot of experience in the area of quarantine and regulation for animals traveling in and out of the U.S.
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