Lobster Fishing??

Posted By: akaysus

Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 01:36 PM

We are arriving Tuesday. Can not wait to catch lobster. Someone tell me how this is done and how far out do you have to go? I've dreamt about this trip for years, catching my on lobster and cooking it out doors. I guess what I'm asking you have to be on a tour to catch lobster? Can Not Wait!! Is it ok to fish off of the piers on the island? One of my favorite things to do on vacation is visit with the locals and just hang out and watch the boats come in with their catches and fish off the piers. My family and I will be taking several of the tours fishing, diving, snorkling, etc. but still! Nothing like just hanging out!!! In my opinion!!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 01:51 PM

According to the article in this weeks San Pedro Sun "each person fishing for lobster is required to have a valid fishing license."

You could call 226-2011 and get a confirmation from Caribena Producers if that applies to tourists as well.
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 02:03 PM

You also have to be a citizen -as the authorities will not issue licences to aliens
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 02:18 PM

akaysus now your talking ,lobster is my middle name.your best bet when you do your all day fishing ,and lobster bbq .tell the capt when he hunts for the lobster you want to watch.or can you help??it is a trip to do !! if your doing it with a licensed guide there should be no problem ,if you have a guide already make sure he is going to dive for fresh lobster ,and not have some out of his freezer he caught last week to save time... Part of the on the water experience is to catch fresh fish and let them cook your fish and lobster fresh on the grill ..if your all set with a gude have a great time?? if you need one go to my buddy's web site tel 501-2262835 tell steve you want a fishing , snorkel , fresh fish/lobster bbq day and you want to get in the water to watch and can you help? he will hook you up with a great local 2 man team capt and mate who will make you so happy...but what ever you do who ever you pick.. have great fun and go live the dream !!!
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 03:53 PM

Good one captjeff. Great answer and I believe accurate.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 04:28 PM

Thank you Amanda ,I have done this many a time as long as your with a local license guide and not commercial fishing yourself you should be just fine..And it is sooooooo much fun ,most guides get a kick out of it when you watch and help;;;.the best is hitting the is the cold belikin beer with lots of lobster plus filet of snapper a great bbq feast my record is six lobsters 4 filets ,plus the rice /beans the potato salad cole slaw soft burrito's what a meal think I died and went to heaven .that why I Will never look like twiggy. capt jeff is ariving just in time for the opening of the season june 15 ...
Posted By: kwalkpt

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 04:34 PM

But you cannot go until next Thursday - Lobster season does not start until the 15th.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 06:16 PM

They issued licenses to the Japanese for long line fishing, don't see why they wouldn't issue licenses to little green men in flying saucers.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 06:31 PM

Boy is that the is king here..
Posted By: wonderwoman

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/10/06 11:57 PM

Remember also, you can only get lobster free diving, not on a tank! Enjoy those wonderful, succulent, juicy spiny lobsters!
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/11/06 04:25 PM

Can people recomend their fav restaraunts to order up lobster here at a good price.

Saw it on menuw at Papi's diner but was in the mood for something else that night back in feb. A couple came in to have it though as lobster season was closing and they plates looked really good and from what I remember the price was decent.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/11/06 06:13 PM

As you mentioned, Papi's and JamBel's. But at JamBel's make sure you tell them you want it "unjerked". If you forget that, you'll get it "jerked". Mighty spicy. Though lots of people like their lobster that way, I'm not one of them.
Posted By: spots101x

Re: Lobster Fishing?? - 06/12/06 02:59 PM

I loved the grilled lobster at Capricorn's last Nov...and I agree, "jerked" chicken is one thing...chicken doesn't have much taste to begin with...but why would anyone want to cover up the delicate savory flavor of lobster with all those mouth-watering, tear-jerking spices? Can't tell you how disappointed I was when I found out I couldn't get lobster when I visited last May!
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