Tranquility Bay

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Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 03:29 PM

I have been doing a lot of research about AC as of late- preparing for a Belize vacation at the end of Nov- early Dec. My husband and I love to snorkel, swim in clear waters w/sandy ocean floors, kayak, take a sail or boat ride, fish, lay out on the beach with a good drink, eat good seafood- take day tips for sightseeing and shop the local markets of whatever area we are visiting. From all that I have read- Tranquility Bay seems to have all of this... for those of you that have been to this resort- are there any real negatives? My husband does like to keep up with the news, daily happenings etc, and I read on the web site that there are no telephones or tv's in the rooms...are there any places nearby with a tv just to catch up on CNN?
Seems like a great vacation spot- but fairly new- I have read very positive comments on trip advisor... any additional comments will be greatly appreciated! Thanks~
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Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 08:13 PM

Tranquility Bay is quite far from town with not much else around it. It has great rooms but no pool. There is a nice bar/restaurant on the dock that you can swim off of and a nice beach. The reef is really close to snorkel out to. If you want night life you will be dissapointed. If you want R&R you will be happy. It is really beautiful that far up the island. Have fun!
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Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 08:47 PM

I was in Ambergis this past May and stayed at the Sunbreeze it was a great hotel and great restaurant would not rec. the dive shop. But did meet a couple staying up at Tranquility Bay they were very unhappy at how far away it was. Do you know that there is no snorkeling off any of the resorts you must get on a boat. I was very unhappy about that aspect of the island and would not return.
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Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 08:54 PM

You won't return to the island because of the inconvenience of snorkeling? How did the rest of your trip turn out?

Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 08:59 PM

You can snorke off the docks at most resorts. I don't know who told you you can't, but they were wrong.
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Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 09:23 PM

Hi TQ! Hi 2miles! What's snorke? laugh
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Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 09:41 PM

Tranquility Bay is about about 50 minutes by boat North of town, so there are basically no dining options nearby. Beautiful spot if you really want to get away from it all but very far if you want to check out all the great restaurants, nightlife, etc on the island. They may have TV in the bar but I am not sure. Decent snorkeling close to shore up there though.
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Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 09:51 PM

perhaps they meant the snorkelling was not good off their resort docks-if for example you look at Portofino or Ramons they have built reefs under their docks and this obviously after time attracts a lot of marine life
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Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 10:13 PM

there is great snorkling at Tranquility Bay right off the dock. There are numerous coral heads from about twenty feet off the dock out to the reef. Last time I snorkled there on a few of the coral heads I saw several lobster and lots of fish. The problem might be the isolation of the place but I understand that they have a boat that runs to town several times a day also the island ferry will run up there on request.
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Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/21/06 10:26 PM

If your looking for nice place to stay with good eats and great bar also near everything I recomend Coconuts.
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Re: Tranquility Bay - 06/22/06 01:52 PM

Thanks for the info everyone. We really want walk-in snorkling and swimming (Tranquility Bay appears to have that from all that I have read) and I can't find it any other place outside of some rustic accommodations on some small Caye's...(also my husband dives- so I really want him to experience the dive sites in Belize). And from reading some trip reports, it seems that there are excursions that will leave from the resort as well as great food and drinks at the restaurant/bar on property. We don't need to seek out "nightlife" but we would like to be able to eat dinner in San Pedro occasionally (we will be celebrating my birthday while we are there and a nice romantic dinner would be nice). I will have to check with the resort about the possibility of getting boat rides back and forth perhaps for 1 or 2 evenings- not sure if they will do this- but it can't hurt to ask. Or perhaps we should consider splitting time- spend 4 days at a resort closer to town and 4 days at Tranquility???

PS- They have a tv in the bar and another in the office (I found that out yesterday).
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