rainy season

Posted By: oklahomagirl

rainy season - 08/06/06 07:14 PM

I am wondering during rainy season does it rain for long periods of time or are they short rains that tend to be off and on. I know some tropical destinations tend to rain a lot during the night but I am planning my wedding during rainy season and don;t want to go somewhere that rains all day long most days.
Posted By: margarita

Re: rainy season - 08/06/06 07:27 PM

Rainy Season = Hurricane season
This means anything could happen - no guarantees
Some Days are Beautiful others wet
Some Rainstorms go over the island quick & then it dries up fast, others pour down and stay
Check the weather site on this Home page in the column on the left for some info
If you know what month you want to go you might get a more accurate report of typical weather during that month. Also you could check out Belize Climate for weather over time.
Belize it!
Posted By: oklahomagirl

Re: rainy season - 08/06/06 07:38 PM

thanks for the quick replies. I have always wanted to go to Belize, and think it would be a beautiful and romantic place to hold the wedding. Looking around at a few other places too.
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