Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Incoming!! - 10/19/06 03:33 PM

After an interminable year, mi esposa and I are heading back to AC in a little over three weeks for our second visit, a longer one this time. We're bringing along a friend of mine from Iowa who has never been out of the USA and will be travelling on a virgin passport. I've been e-mailing him pictures from our trip last year and from the website and I think he's already packed to leave. I cannot tell you all how much this message board has meant to me this year as I have tried to fight the urge to chuck it all and head south.

A few things I'm really looking forward to:

Sunrises, the hammocks in front of Coral Bay Villas, fresh papaya for breakfast, snorkeling with Geraldo on El Gato and a beach BBQ at Mexico Rocks, Rick and Elva at Crazy Canuck's, Margi at Coconuts, mojitos at the Tackle Box, sushi at the Blue Water Grill, Belikins and more Belikins

Detect a theme here? Look for my butt on a stool at BC's on Sunday, November 12th. Counting the hours in Kansas City . . . .
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Incoming!! - 10/19/06 03:38 PM

Can I feel your excitement??!!!

It's palpable : )

Have a fabulous trip and make us all jealous. Looking forward to your trip report.

Try and get some sleep in the meantime....
Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Re: Incoming!! - 10/19/06 04:26 PM

Was it that obvious? A little story to illustrate the point: I went out a few days ago and bought some fancy new snorkels for my wife and myself. I greeted her at the door wearing my mask and the new snorkel when she came home from work. After twenty years, I can still surprise her. though I do worry about her having me committed.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Incoming!! - 10/19/06 06:11 PM

was that all you were wearing? :p laugh
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Incoming!! - 10/19/06 06:14 PM

Hilarious! And a good investment. A comfortable fit for your masks will make your outings all the better. I put mine in my carry on so if my luggage gets lost or delayed, no problem!

P.S. Nothing wrong with a bit of enthusiasm : ) If she's kept you twenty years, she probably likes you that way. Kudos to you on keeping the fun in your marriage!
Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Re: Incoming!! - 10/19/06 06:58 PM

You know, after I wrote my last post, it occurred to me that someone could certainly read it like Barbara did. But I was wearing my normal plaids and stripes.
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