Ramon's Village Resorts

Posted By: TamLBrook

Ramon's Village Resorts - 01/22/02 11:24 PM

Can anyone tell me anything about Ramon's Village? We are thinking about staying there this summer?
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Ramon's Village Resorts - 01/22/02 11:44 PM

Do a search for the resort and you'll get a ton of advice. I stopped for a drink several times and really liked the bar/lounge/ people. IMAHO if you want a lot of activity, including asemi-busy pool area and bar, as I do, then you'll like it a lot. If you want more seclusion/ romance go elsewhere.
Posted By: Bonita

Re: Ramon's Village Resorts - 01/23/02 12:32 AM

Hello!! I went to AC in August of 2001 as a graduation gift from my parents and stayed at Ramon's with my mom. I absolutely LOVED it. I have checked this board out every single day since we got back and I can honestly say I am addicted. Ramon's was great for meeting lots of people. The guys who work there were a hoot. I wouldn't have asked for anything different. I'll be back as soon as I can get a ticket. sigh.
Posted By: TamLBrook

Re: Ramon's Village Resorts - 01/23/02 12:45 AM

Thanks, both of you for your response! We are planning a family trip so sounds like Ramon's would be a great place to stay. I appreciate your help.
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