lily's hotel and restaurant

Posted By: kpjc

lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/02/02 11:52 AM

enjoyed reading everyone's experiences....going to belize has been a dream of mine for some time...going in october this year...anyone have any input on lily's?
Posted By: ccla

Re: lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/04/02 06:21 AM

Can't comment on the hotel just yet --but the restaurant is very good, at least for breakfast! The fresh fruit juices, the fry jacks and johnny cakes -- ah, makes my mouth water just typing this!
I will be spending one night at Lily's Hotel on Good Friday, and will be happy to report back!
Have a wonderful time! Carla
Posted By: kpjc

Re: lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/04/02 07:02 AM

can't wait to hear back from you.i've seen pictures and read about lily's on their website. seems perfect for me. i like the fact that i can book any excursions right there, instead of it being pre-planned with a tour. they offer a reasonable air/hotel package. i plan on doing quite a bit of snorkeling, and possibly check out some of the ruins. any recommendations?
Posted By: trina

Re: lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/05/02 02:04 AM

We stayed at Ruby's, but Lily's does have an awesome breakfast! As far as snorkeling, if you are experienced and are the "adventurous" type, don't miss the Blue Hole. It's a long day's trip, but most definetly a highlight of our vacation last year (2nd yr. in a row!) Lots of fish, beautiful coral, ahhhhhhhh! It's about a 2 hour trip each's way out there, but I really recommend it. If you are less experienced, try Shark Ray Alley or Mexico Rocks, which are just offshore from San Pedro. We didn't do any ruins when were in San Pedro. We had been to Tikal the year before, and felt that anything would suffer by comparison!
Posted By: cockatoo_lover

Re: lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/08/02 12:47 AM

We just returned from AC. We stayed at the Portofino (it was amazing!!!), but had some friends that stayed at Lily's. I'm not sure what you are looking for, but the rooms were not terribly nice. They were small and it seemed like an older hotel. If you're not planning to be in the room except to sleep, it should be ok.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/08/02 05:18 AM

Lily's is one of the oldest buildings in town. Just be sure and ask for a room facing the beach. 2nd floor would be best if you want some privacy. If you want everyone walking down the beach to stop and talk then take the ground floor rooms and hang out on the veranda. Everyone in town does. Yes, they are plain and simple but I choose it because 8 non-couple people were traveling together and they were the only place I could find that had two beds to a room.
Lobster Omelet at Lily's is a must. Rey and his wife run the hotel and are delightful people.
Posted By: kpjc

Re: lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/08/02 07:10 AM

thanx for all your input...simplicitity is what i'm looking for...just a place to sleep and clean up....not planning on spending too much time in my room...i could stay home for!!gave my travel agent the go ahead, so if anyone will be there the week of oct. 8 - oct. 15, i'll see ya then....kerry
Posted By: kpjc

Re: lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/23/02 08:35 AM

just curious as to what the difference is between the beachfront rooms and the seaside rooms? can someone enlighten me? thanks...kerry
Posted By: Chloe

Re: lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/23/02 04:12 PM

View, Breeze, and Price.
Posted By: seashell

Re: lily's hotel and restaurant - 03/23/02 10:09 PM

Where are the seaside rooms located Chloe? Are they on the side of the hotel or do they look over Front Street instead of the beach?
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