newbies to belize need help

Posted By: jen and ken

newbies to belize need help - 02/15/03 07:24 AM

Hi all, we're new to this board and would like to hear from the "regulars". We have been researching Ambergris, finally bought the tickets tonight (yippee!), and are now in the process of selecting a hotel/resort. Anyone know anything about Victoria House, Ramon's, or Xanadu? We want to dive (of course!) but would also like to stay somewhere very nice and on the beach since we don't get out of the wicked city often - also celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary!!. We will be there May 18-27. Any advice on this? Looking for great accomodations and top-notch dive operators.
Posted By: Rapier

Re: newbies to belize need help - 02/15/03 08:24 AM

Check out the Dive Package at:

The deal is still being offered, I believe Axeman and I will be registering for it anyitme now.

Posted By: Sandy C

Re: newbies to belize need help - 02/15/03 02:37 PM

Any of these places will be great for you. Xanadu is one of our personal favorites. Small resort, well built condos, beautiful pool, bikes, kayaks. Owners live on the property and are involved in day to day operation. Great dive shop almost next door (Xanadu can provide the name of it - our friends dove with this shop for a week and loved them). Happy first trip!
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Re: newbies to belize need help - 02/19/03 06:19 AM

Jen and Ken,
Have you found anything yet? Can you maybe give some more info of the type of place you want to be at so folks can help you better?
Do you want a pool, kitchen, to be pampered, north or south, stuff like that.
VH is beautiful & peaceful, Xanaadu is building presently but looks nice, Ramons is touristy and ya should go if at least for a drink. MHO
Many, many, places to pick from. What do ya need/want for that 6th BIG ONE. wink
Posted By: jen and ken

Re: newbies to belize need help - 02/25/03 06:02 AM

A medium and up price nice place which is laid back, non-touristy, and caters to divers would be the absolute best for us. Want to hook up with a respectable dive operator. Plan to dive every day and spend down time recovering until the next dive with some good food and drink. (Then go back diving to recover from the food....and the drinks)
We have spent some time in Costa Rica. The funny thing is that people that live there go to Belize on vacation and highly recommend it.
Here's what we like in addition to what Ken said on 2/24 (I'm the Jen of Jen and Ken): clean comforatble bed preferably king, upscale room - not a cheepie but something cool (after all we are on a vacation), kitchen not necessary - we plan on sampling the restaurants on the island. Would like to have a room facing/on the beach, nice pool, great bar, owners that care. Definitely no tourist traps please and a place that caters to more couples and not children. We stayed with Ex-pats in Costa Rica felt like we were home - they even partied with us.
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