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Posted By: emilyday

lodging for honeymoon - 02/26/03 03:57 AM

First, I have to say this is the most active message board of loyalists I've visited in researching a trip. Second, I need your help...

We're trying to plan our honeymoon to begin June 1 and we finally narrowed down the search to Ambergris Caye. But, all the lodging places all look great! Any advice/suggestions? We'd like to have a kitchen (so we can stay in), we'd like to have water activities and a restaurant (so we can go out). We're not divers, but we're going to learn before we go so we can take advantage of the underwater beauty. We'd like a small place... bungalow-type accomodations. Relaxation is Key! And, a bar is a necessity.

On another note, what about some night life in Amergris Caye? Any must-hit places? Is it important to stay closer to San Pedro town? Also, is the north side better than the south side? (funny -- I live in Chicago, and that's practically a battle call up here smile )

The quiet is most important, but we do get cabin fever. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!

Posted By: denverdan

Re: lodging for honeymoon - 03/01/03 04:49 AM

If kitchen is a plus that knocks out a lot of places. How about a pool? That would knock more out as well, if ya want one.
North is real quiet and has some pretty dang nice condos/homes and resorts there.
hummm I'm thinkin south of town. If quiet Caribe Island is GREAT, but I am biased. (not an owner just a friend)
More info would be good of your needs if you could provide it.
OH... and did you check out Caye Management for private homes yet?
Posted By: Axeman

Re: lodging for honeymoon - 03/01/03 05:49 AM

Keep in mind, your limited if your on the North side. Hand Ferry closes at water taxi is the only way to get home if your on the south side. It will be much more private up there..that may be a plus for you.
I never had any issies with noise when I stayed at Coconuts, but alas, it had no kitchen. Does have a pool. They are alittle south of town ,and have a pool.
Have a great matter where you stay, you should be blissed out.
Posted By: seashell

Re: lodging for honeymoon - 03/05/03 10:25 AM

I just toured a few places and when I saw Victoria House, I said "Damn, I think I have to get married, just so I can have my honeymoon here".

Get a casita. What a beautiful place.
Posted By: Marie

Re: lodging for honeymoon - 03/08/03 04:50 PM

Hi! What a great place to spend a honeymoon. But, I'm prejudiced. For nine years, on and off, my husband and I have gone to various parts of Belize between visits to other parts of Central and South America. We love it all. When in Ambergris, decide what you want. It can be wildly expensive (Victoria House), expensive (Ramon's)and ridiculous...out on the self-contained places north, where you do have to take a boat in or out after 8:00 p.m.....or swim over the Boca (not a good idea). Whatever you do, unless you want to be contained, don't go North. South is better, you can get a taxi, but you still lose the flavor of being in San Pedro. My personal favorite is just a snich north of downtown. Its only place we go to...the Paradise Resort Hotel (not Villas). It has a web site, or you can contact them at [email protected]). It looks like Ramon's, but doesn't have the noise of the airport. No pool, but truth be told, most pools in Belize are scrawny affairs...barely neck deep, and a very few arm lengths to swim in. Paradise runs about $78 to $130 (spend your money elsewhere, my dears). It does have a nice palapa bar and for breakfast and lunch, and snacks and bar until 4:00 or 5:00. Sometimes later. They are the property just north of the cemetary, so a short hike to the nightlife. I mean, 5 minutes max. You have the best benefits...peace when you want it, excitement right down the street. Do yourself a favor, check it out. If I were you, I'd get V2 or V3. Big rooms, two beds (one huge), a nice kitchenette, fresh flowers every day, and the best staff ever. That's the $130 rate. Next best are 5B and kitchen, but you might ask for a refrigerator. I've heard good things about 1A...great breeze. Paradise doesn't seem to advertise. Its a little known secret. Tell them Marie and John said hi. We just spent 19 days there, and are already booked for next February. Re diving...Do yourselves another favor. Do it all down there if you can (read up before on your lessons so you don't spend you full time studying). Its a hard transition from pool to open sea for some people. Better to start in the sea. Contact my dive instructor, Sylvin Forman (from the U.S. 011-501-226-24520). I wouldn't be diving today if it weren't for him (I was a bit claustrophic). He's one of the first Padi Instuctors certified on the caye, and just a wonderful human. Lots of personal care. And his rates will be less than the big shops. Trust me. My husband and I plan to do Rescue Diver with him next year. Have a wonderful time. And, don't miss Jambel Jerk if you like spicy foods! Also, the palapa for great meat pies and fried fish, when they have it. Tell Pina I said 'hi'. Marie
Posted By: Marie

Re: lodging for honeymoon - 03/08/03 04:56 PM

Hi again! Oops! Just realized I added an extra 0 to the phone number of Sylvin Forman (the dive instructor). From the states it is 011-501-226-2452). Have a wonderful honeymoon. Marie
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