need info please.

Posted By: Bez

need info please. - 02/08/05 04:58 PM

Can someone please tell me where Perla Escondida Condos are located on the island. Is it near town and if possible any landmarks? I'm looking to stay there but need to know it's distant from town since I will not have access to a golf cart. Can't wait to get there! Thank You. smile

Re: need info please. - 02/08/05 05:05 PM

Easy walk to just about everything. They are right next to (south of) Coconuts. Walk the beach to town in 15 minutes unless you stop and socialize.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: need info please. - 02/08/05 05:06 PM

It's 1/2 mile south, next to Coconuts Hotel.
Posted By: Bez

Re: need info please. - 02/09/05 04:04 PM

I feel kinna stupid asking this, but Where is coconuts? I'm sitting here trying to to think where ..........., I used to live in San Pedro and moved about 13 years ago. I grew up there till around 1990 when I left. Been back many times but don't recall seeing Coconuts. I don't think Coconuts was there that by Ramons? confused
Posted By: skullyboy

Re: need info please. - 02/09/05 04:21 PM

Coconets, Next to the Barge. Wow. Coconets sure has changed. Margies still there. That was cool. Ada is now at Caribe Island. Anybody know how Steve O is doing?
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: need info please. - 02/09/05 04:24 PM

You will probably remember Woody's...Corona del Mar.
When you were here Woodys was the last hotel south on Coconut Drive. Two lots south was Jay Wards house. Thats now Perla Escondida.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: need info please. - 02/09/05 09:29 PM

Are you referring to our Steve? If so, he is back at the Resort (as of Monday). Has to stay in BZ until April 1.
I'll email you with an update soon.
Love ya!
PS: I'm heading back down 28 Feb. How is Colby's planning going?
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: need info please. - 02/09/05 11:05 PM

Billy, Casa Cayo Real Estate lives at Perla, unit 7. Feel free to contact him for any other information. Will probably give you a ride if you need it. [email protected]
Posted By: Bez

Re: need info please. - 02/10/05 12:28 AM

Thanks for all your help guys. Now I get the picture. Know exactly where that is now. Is woody and helen still on the island? They are such nice people and woody is funny. I do remember Jay Ward too, when he had just moved to the island or sort of in the early 80's. I worked at Tropic air then. Wow all of a sudden I'm feeling old, it's been such a long time. Oh oh, I'm also starting to feel homesick frown as I remember the good old times there. I can't wait to go back! See you all there soon. smile Gosh I need a drink and some of BC's bar-b-Q.
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