Under 100 !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Under 100 !!!!!!!!!!!! - 01/08/07 02:57 AM

Happy New Year & Hello to All,

Well here we are under the century mark and looking very forward to our next "SP fix." Hope everyone is enjoying a grand new year and that multiple blessings will be inflicted on you and yours...LOL

We will be coming for two weeks and wanted to update some info as we host some 18 "virgins" to the most AWESOME experience we think you can find this side of heaven...Checking on cart rentals, updating great food recommendations and other excursions for the gang...

This is our fourth visit and we feel fairly competent making this a great trip for others, BUT we realize that coming down every three years or so makes for some serious changes. Glad to hear there is a bridge to the north and we will always recommend local touches along side some classic fare and fun...

Please weigh in with your best restaurant info, excursion experiences and other "GOTTA TRY THAT" recommendations. Obviously beverage info is always appreciated smile and other updates are truly appreciated.

We are planning for great days imbibing Bellikin (which do you prefer? the simple goodness of basic lager, premium, [is there a stout?] - include recent pricing to really help us plan)or , One Barrel/Caribbean White[Gold & White] who's on top here?!? LOL...then there is MS. Marie Sharp (yes, MS. seems appropriate to address this fine vixen of culinary delight!...

Then there are the traditional haunts for great grub...Lily's , Estelles, or Rubys for Breakfast then Fido's, Ramone's, Elvi's HAVE YOU TRIED HAMILTON'S NORTH OF THE CUT?!?... Carrumba, and of course Ramon's, and that great jerk place downtown for some great Dinner (obviously lunch is skipped as we spend time getting ready for dinner - LOL!) There are always the great street vendors for late night snacks and any roadside spot seems to throw down on chicken and beans..., but what have we missed???

My wife has always enjoyed the Ambar jewelry at Fido's, but where would you recommend for a new look??? so many other great treasures I won't bog you down, but we are also looking for a great rain forest/canopy day trip to the mainland and the prerequisite trip to Hol Chan/Shark Ray Alley (updates on pricing also appreciated)...what do you think would be new to us since we have learned to love local shopping and simply lounging and taking great walks on the beach. We like to relax, but know that our newcomers will want to explore...

Thanks again for reading all of this and offering what I know will be some awesome feedback...P.S Cart info always appreciated.

Peace, the h-bomb wink
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