Fishing Guide Suggestions

Posted By: FredB

Fishing Guide Suggestions - 03/29/07 02:58 AM

Looking forward to a trip in May. Any suggestions on guides for offshore and reef fishing? We don't have any special needs, willing to enjoy it like everyone else.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Fishing Guide Suggestions - 03/29/07 02:20 PM

fredb fishing is my thing I go each month here and have great times I reccommended you to go to web site .my bddy steve demaio,he owns coconet internet cafe in town ,as well as he books 7 local guides and acts as a broker for them , prices are dirt cheap half day reef starts from only $195us.. with bait nice tackel soda /water , fish cleaning thats everything.. thats half than the us fishing prices for the whole boat your the king and queen .... I use capt pete graniel he has just got a big new boat,great guide ,I also use capt abel ,and capt dilzion they are also great some of the best here book thru he takes credit cards and no deposit is needed ,if you can not go due to weather [rare thing ] , or a bad sun burn you can cancel ,you no pay steve is a great guy a win /win they are also open 7 days a week ..but book early to get the three guys above pete and abel,dilzion are very /very good with wonderful clean boats / the best in fishing tackel and the best of personalities .tel number 011-501-2263090 ask for steve you will love him and of course the fishing guides you can read my fishing trip reports I do each month on this board as I love to fish.!!!! Tight lines to you and good fishing go live the dream ...
Posted By: FredB

Re: Fishing Guide Suggestions - 03/30/07 12:00 AM


Thanks for all the info. We'll be there in mid-May. Everything I have learned points to a great trip.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Fishing Guide Suggestions - 03/30/07 02:06 PM

Fredb your welcome go have a great vacation.
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