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Posted By: mobow

mambo resturant - 03/29/07 09:16 PM

Am looking at a variety of dining experiences for my Annerversary. What can anyone tell me about Mambo. Including info on getting there. keith
Posted By: susieb

Re: mambo resturant - 03/29/07 09:28 PM

What a nice thing to do... I hope your wife knows how lucky she is!
Posted By: mobow

Re: mambo resturant - 03/29/07 09:53 PM

Didn't think you would look at a post named Mambo. keith

Re: mambo resturant - 03/29/07 10:25 PM

Busted eek blush
Posted By: DANZA

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 02:21 AM

Was the best we had this trip. Call them and get the times for sure but I think the Mata Chica boat brings staff in at 5PM and then returns around 6:30 to Mata Chica (from fidos dock). We stayed until almost 10 PM and returned with staff at that time. Great food! Chris or Charlie will probably be the captain on the boat just ask they will take care of you.
We regret not doing Portofino this time, but I think they will include transportation as well. Always Good.
Posted By: susieb

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 02:21 PM

you know how work-avoidant i can be in the spring ~ i'd read the yellow pages to fill an hour! a boat ride and good food and great company. rumors of a full moon during our stay... i must have been really, really good in a former life!
Posted By: bushdoctor

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 03:07 PM

We were there in March, the service and food was excellent.
Water taxi will get you there and back, you may want to try
Rojo or Portofino, We enjoyed all three. Of course the one barrel
rum punch to go jug is a must.
Posted By: JZB

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 03:31 PM

I was at Mambo a couple weeks ago with a group and had to say none of us were impressed. The food in relation to the price was way off. The bar drinks were really good but small for $14US a drink! Great atmosphere though.
Posted By: JZB

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 03:34 PM

Just to be fair, the restaurant was very busy so we may be the only ones that feel this way...
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 03:50 PM

Whoa, $14us? Ain't no drink worth that!
Posted By: mobow

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 04:40 PM

Thanx for the replies so far. Rojo is high on my list as is portofino. I am just gathering more info. Thanx for any and all help. 58 days and counting. keith
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 06:33 PM

My vote is Rojo - fabulous food and ambience!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 06:51 PM

Rojo ,is a great place to dine it is my number one choice for dining on the island ,a five star plus place #1 in ambiance ,#1 food #1 service !!!!!And there are some very good places in ambergris caye to eat you could dine out seven nights all at some great places .I try to do a half fast food trip report each month so check out my past reports on fine dining here ,having said that Portofino is ,very /very nice,Also a good choice ... I have not tried Mambo's since the new owners ,it is on my to do list ,one day??? .Go live the dream and enjoy your in for a treat...
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 08:13 PM

Mambo is definitely chic. But very snooty or Euro trashy, not to friendly and very expensive. Rojo is more of the beachy elegance I personally enjoy.

Posted By: mobow

Re: mambo resturant - 03/30/07 09:50 PM

Thanx all. keith
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