Planning honeymoon- where to say???

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Planning honeymoon- where to say??? - 06/09/07 07:37 PM

We are planning our honeymoon and have NO clue where to stay. I've read very good reviews, as well as mixed reviews, for what I would consider luxury resorts. Any thoughts or suggestions on Mata Chica, Portofino and Victoria House? We'd like to be able to venture into town to get a "break" from the seclusion and get a taste of the local life - are any of those close enough to town? I have sort of narrowed it down to those three....thanks!!!
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Re: Planning honeymoon- where to say??? - 06/09/07 08:10 PM

Two of the resorts you have selected are on North Ambergris.. so you are pretty much limited to the water ferry/taxi whenever you want to commute to 'town'. The road on the north side is not good at the best of times and five miles on a bumpy golf cart is not good for your body. Nite travel on the roads is impossible for those not familiar with the road. Victoria House is much closer to town, you can even walk to town if you wanted to. There are options of renting bikes or golf carts. Using taxis when you stay at Victoria House is another option. Taxis technically do not exist on North Ambergris, although there apparently is one that operates there. Not sure the exact type of vehicle this taxi is and how reliable it is. Locals who live on the north end can perhaps advise.
That being said, all the resorts are good. It just depends on what you really want (quick and easy access to town or seclusion).
I suggest you do a search on this board (trip reports) under each name and see what people have already said.
Which ever resort you pick, be prepared to be bitten by the San Pedro (Ambergris) bug. It gets under your skin and you are itching to return before you even leave... smile
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Re: Planning honeymoon- where to say??? - 06/09/07 09:20 PM

Thanks! The Victoria House happened to be my favorite, so that is good to know!
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Re: Planning honeymoon- where to say??? - 06/09/07 10:09 PM

We just returned and stayed a couple miles north of the cut. Had the parents tagging along, so it was about the opposite of a honeymoon:)

We had checked out some of the resorts further north, and before going thought it would be too isolated. After being there my wife and I both agreed that we would be staying even further away from town next time. Azul and Mata Chica are really chic, cool places with great restaurant and they are right beside each other. Rojo's at Azul is the best restaurant on the island. Cannot go wrong with any of your choices but I would pick Azul or Mata Chica if AC was my honeymoon destination.

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Re: Planning honeymoon- where to say??? - 06/09/07 10:55 PM


Would you consider renting a villa rather than staying at a resort?

I haven't ever rented property in AC, but, have done so in other places and loved the privacy and luxury. Sounds like I need to start another thread on a specific property. smile
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Re: Planning honeymoon- where to stay??? - 06/10/07 05:56 PM

Yes, I think we would consider that. Any suggestions?
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Re: Planning honeymoon- where to stay??? - 06/10/07 06:26 PM

Azul is as close to a villa as anyone would need. AND as has been stated Rojo Lounge is the best!
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