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what is..... - 06/14/07 05:38 AM

Ok- So, I was there about 2 months ago and I can't for the life of me figure out what this place was. Here's the description- my brother says is looks like a "La Quinta", I think it looks like a "Motel 6", it's on the road North of the cut, as you're heading north on the road it seems like you go through the property (we might just have been off the correct road) with a reddish/orange place on the left facing the lagoon and then there are more places off on the right toward the east (ocean/beach). Does this place sound familiar? I have a pic on my flickr page for anyone who wants to help me out with this one!

While I'm asking ?'s- how far past Blue Reef is Salamander? Or is it before you reach it? I'm trying to make some sense of where we were when we were driving north since I'm putting together a scrapbook.
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Re: what is..... - 06/14/07 05:46 AM

It's the Journeys End "Ho Jo's"
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LOL! Thanks! It does look like a "Ho Jo's" too!

Now for an answer to the other question? Anyone else out there have one for that? We made it to Blue Reef following what we were later told was the maintenance road (we followed the power/phone poles) and arrived at the back of some random resort and were told it was Blue Reef. The bar tender laughed at us for coming in the "rough road" and told us to go back the beach route as it was MUCH nicer. He was right! I think we are prime reasons that people shouldn't just drive around wherever they want to go! We could have gotten into some serious stuff! LOL- but we had fun exploring.
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Re: what is..... - 06/14/07 09:47 AM

Mileage from Town Central Park to the following resorts:

6.67 Costa Maya Reef Resort
8.11 Blue Reef
10.6 Salamander
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Re: what is..... - 06/14/07 07:14 PM

Sweet! Thanks much! We ended up at Blue Reef and turned around- probably a good thing. Our ultimate goal was Salamander but I wasn't sure where it was. 8o)
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Re: what is..... - 06/14/07 08:58 PM

Hi seaexplore nice pics thanks for sharing..I still cant figure out how to post mine:(..We were in SP in April also (3rd time) when were you guys all there?
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Re: what is..... - 06/15/07 05:46 PM

Thanks for the pic comment- sign up for a flickr acct (it's free) and it's SUPER easy to upload the pics.

We were there april 9-16. hubby wants to go back already and I'm not so sure i'm ready for the LONG trip again. 9 hours of plane time is WAY too much even with the transfers and all that walking to be done. When were you there?
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