Question: which dive operation?

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Question: which dive operation? - 06/27/07 10:25 PM


So I know it is a subjective topic and each of you probably has their own favorite. I am an occasional, non-expert diver and I prefer groups of 8 or less (I guess that's not a problem on A.C.)

There seems to be a concensus on the web that "Amigos" is a very good dive operation. But is that quality consistent? (i.e. are they getting too big to be able to maintain the quality and attention?)

Are there other dive operations that consistently get high marks from visitors?

Thanks much for your insight.
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/28/07 06:09 AM

Amigos is a good operation as are many in SP. We are dive instructors with a boat in AC and still dive a few dive with them when we get a chance to!
Very friendly and professional.
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/28/07 02:34 PM

Amigo's quality is great, The owner is always around to make sure everything goes smoothly. They are the main dives center i trust for the blue hole dives. Most dive centers on AC are very good compared to other place in the world. The dive masters are knowledgeable of the are and good with there quests
have a great time
Steve lee
ecologic divers
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/28/07 04:36 PM

Your going to find that hotels location you will be staying with has a great deal to do with what shop you will be diving with. The Island is full of good dive shops, however some will be more practical to reach than others, Amigos is good and I use them to take my divers to the Blue Hole and Turneffe, they have the biggest boat in town and are professional. but the Island is 22 miles long and for your daily diving on Ambergris you may find the shop on the end of your dock to be wonderful.
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/28/07 09:15 PM

My family and I returned from A.C. on June 23. We did three days of diving with Ecologic Divers. They have a great shop. We usually had 6 or less divers but on one day there were about 13-14 so they took 3 divemasters out so each one only had 4-5 divers. They were safety conscious, took good care of their rental equipment, provided hot towels on the boat after the dive, and the divemasters took photos of the divers and marine life during the dives. When you were through, they would put the photos on a CD, at no cost. They also picked up divers from piers at or near the hotels/condos on the island. I would highly recommend Ecologic Divers. We will use them again on our next trip.
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/29/07 02:18 PM

I have to recommend Chuck and Robbies. My wife and I did a discover scuba course with them. My wife was scared to death and Robbie walked her through it step by step at the pace she needed to be comfortable. He held her hand through the entire dive and showed us some really neat stuff at Hoi Chan. Also it was during low season so his prices were well below the advertised rates. They are not a big operation but his boat was nice and his equipment seemed to be in good shape from my limited experience perspective. I'm going back next year to do my certification dives with them. Good luck and have a great time. keith
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/29/07 06:10 PM

Chuck & Robbie's is for those who want a smaller more intimate experience. These guys rock!
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/29/07 06:46 PM

There some excellent instructors and divemasters here, working at most shops. Someone else said recently that standards on AC were universally high by industry norms and I'm sure that's true. Do what Elbert said and go with whoever's most convenient and whoever you feel most comfortable with - you won't go wrong.
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/29/07 09:51 PM

Thanks for all the advice. Looking forward to it.
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/29/07 10:14 PM

Rarely do "bad" operators survive anywhere and believe AC and the rest of Belize are no exception. Some good suggestions here and believe you won't go wrong with any of them. Just let us all know about your trip when you get home via a trip report if you can. Enjoy!
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/29/07 10:21 PM

Whatever happened to Billy over at Hustler's? Is he still around? He was one guy that was really fun to dive with.
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/29/07 10:41 PM

Didn't he go over to Belizean Shores? Perhaps just rumour.
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/30/07 02:26 AM

personally I will always dive w/Ramones. we got a 'private 'divemaster for the week, and when there were some less experienced divers w/ the group Will was alowed to take us alone on 4 private dives so we may experience fully the beauty.
very professional and wonderful service
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Re: Question: which dive operation? - 06/30/07 03:56 PM

No rumour, Billy is at Belizean Shores.
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