Posted By: joey-jo

Internet - 07/03/07 02:25 AM


Has anyone else been having trouble with CCV's Internet Service? For the past couple of nights, including tonight (can't speak for during the day), the Internet connection has been interrupted for 2 - 5 minutes or longer several times for the hour. It's becoming uber-annoying.

I will drop by tomorrow at their office, but I just wanted to know if it's just me, or if it has been happening to others too. While I'm talking about Internet Service, I've noticed that the connection seems to be slower out here than on the mainland, despite the fact that I'm 'supposed' to be gettng the same speed.

Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Internet - 07/03/07 11:38 PM

We are in town with coral cable and it is on for us no interruptions really any more than normal ( it blips out occasionally)
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