Camping on Ambergris Caye

Posted By: Joely

Camping on Ambergris Caye - 07/10/07 09:43 PM

Does anyone have any great suggestions on place to camp on the island. I am planning a 21 day visit to paradise in August... Any feed back on the beach camping near "the boatyard"??? This is the only place I can find info on so far...
Thanks and I can't wait to get there...
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Camping on Ambergris Caye - 07/11/07 12:58 AM

There is no camping at all-Your cheapest place to stay is mine (pedro's) cost for your own room 12.5usd per night with shared bath
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Camping on Ambergris Caye - 07/11/07 01:06 AM

A Google search turned this up...

Is there camping in San Pedro?

Camping on the Beach ( // ) .
Posted By: divingcowgirl

Re: Camping on Ambergris Caye - 07/11/07 01:08 AM

Cool.. I need to take my pup tent!
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Camping on Ambergris Caye - 07/11/07 02:13 AM


Google is wrong-How do I know this

1. I own Pedro's Backpackers and we do not allow camping (basically for security reasons)

2. Camping on the beach is a property now owned by the Wilson's and they are totally against backpackers and the like as they are building rather badly designed multi million dollar condos on what was the camp site
Posted By: Joely

Re: Camping on Ambergris Caye - 07/11/07 05:51 AM

Taco and Pedro... Thank you for the info. I also found
( // ) and sent an email asking if I need reservations and the the like and got a resopnse saying everything was fine just let them know a week or so in advance if we would need a tent... that there was plenty of room. ????

Pedro... we will definilty be heading your way as well... I am in desperte need of one of your jaeger shots!!

Any more info would be great... maybe Pedro will be stuck with us and our backpacks...
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