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beaches - 08/09/07 08:20 PM

Can anyone comment on the quality of the beaches on AC? How do they compare to other Carribean islands? Are they very crowded, secluded, size, shade etc. Are there any laws that prohibit topless sunbathing or (dare I ask) descrete nude sunbathing? Any info. would be great. Currently trying to find an alternative to the usual Carribean island trip - but gotta have those beaches! Thanks!
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Not for you, sorry.
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Ut oh... he said it, not me!
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I think you might find what you are looking for at the Northern end of AC.
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Re: beaches - 08/09/07 09:58 PM

No, not what I'm looking for! But thanks.
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Re: beaches - 08/09/07 11:11 PM

But the beach at Ramon's Village are nice.
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Re: beaches - 08/10/07 12:17 AM

I think it depends on which Caribbean islands you're comparing the beach to. I haven't been to the islands that are considered to have the best beaches, mostly because they're also relatively flat and arid. I much prefer the islands with more greenery, usually volcanic in origin.

I spent most of my time within a mile or so of town and haven't seen any topless sunbathing. I'm sure the further north or south you go, the easier it would be to get away from people.

There aren't any waves to speak of on Ambergris. The waves break on the reef. So, there's sea grass. A turn off for some.

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Re: beaches - 08/10/07 02:36 AM

There are no real beaches in San Pedro...or Belize. I am a total beach person...been all over the Caribbean and I love the beach. I was disappointed the first day I was here but Belize has so many other things...beautiful water, docks, pools, people, food...that I didn't even notice. Loved it so much I moved here. And don't miss the beach at all. Don't let it dissuade you...
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maybe i'm an okie, but i swear i see beaches. best sand is at casa escalante. parking lot beaches suck
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Re: beaches - 08/10/07 03:07 PM

There are beautiful beaches in Belize. I've posted some pictures of them in the photographic forum if you want to have a look.
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Not as good as Aruba but better than Dominica. Like Cancun only narrower and much less crowded. Usually narrow, somewhat covey, finely crushed coral white sand on the cayes, regular sand on the mainland coasts. Topless and nude sunbathing not really acceptible unless you can find a secluded place somwhere N or S of town. Belize is more about what's in the water and under the water than the beaches. But there are some very beautiful beach spots.
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Belize has Peaceful, warm, friendly People like no where else. It was the deciding factor for me to settle here.
All the travelers I talk with mention guns, violence and Hate in places they have experienced around the world. I have to stop every once and a while and be thankful Belize is full of colorful happy smiling faces...and so so beaches.
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Define a beach???
In Oregon it isn’t a beach unless it is at least a half mile wide – some places more than a mile with sand dunes so high you can’t see the water. It is crowed if you can see anyone else. But the water is so @#$% cold you turn blue in minutes.
Northern California, if you can find a spot where the cliffs don’t meet the water is covered with rocks. You are lucky if they are little rocks.
In Florida the beaches are flat and the water is so warm it can make you nauseous and the water is so full of salt you can’t sink.
Here, on the north side, we have a sea wall and 35’ x 150’ of white sand beach in front of the pool. This is raked every day. There is seldom more than one or two people on the beach and less than six people in the pool.
Remember the old joke about in prison where the same jokes had been told so many times they just assigned them numbers? I think we need to do the same for some questions like “beaches”. LOL Just joking – you can laugh now – or groan.
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Re: beaches - 08/10/07 08:05 PM

Tell the truth ,are you in your hammock with your laptop?
is your hammock on the beach?
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Re: beaches - 08/10/07 08:21 PM

Oh - Elbert - why do I have to tell the truth?
Truth is my hammock is broken and my laptop is at the other house.
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We've stayed on beautiful beaches, like flamenco on Culebra, Waikiki, respective 7 mile beaches in Negril and Grand Cayman. Beautiful, beautiful, but truth be told, we never spent much time at all actually in the water. That is, unless there was some surf, then we turned into 10 year olds and couldn't get enough. smile Just my thoughts.
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Re: beaches - 08/10/07 09:11 PM

thus the mood?
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Re: beaches - 08/10/07 09:43 PM

my opinion only:

i like harriette's point of defining a beach.

i dont like the water much except to stare at, boat on or snorkel in. i'm not a swimmer. i define a beach as what it looks like when i stare at it.

to this, belize has gorgeous beaches. clean, silky white sand lined with swaying palm trees, a sea with unlimited hues of aqua. often i am the only one on them.

this is placencia:

this is ambergris (south)

the beaches just arent great to swim off. the beauty and serenity is an easy trade off for me.
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Re: beaches - 08/11/07 02:28 AM

The Placencia pic is in Maya Beach. Several miles North of Placencia village.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: beaches - 08/11/07 03:31 PM

you are correct, it is maya beach. sorry, i meant the placencia peninsula, not placencia proper.
Posted By: July in Belize31

Re: beaches - 08/11/07 06:38 PM

I just got back from Belize and I stayed near town on the beach close to Ramons. The beaches are not the kind of beaches that you find in Hawaii, Jamaica or Cancun. The water is very shallow on the edge and then you have the sea grass. I will definitely go back, however I will stay North of town on my next trip. The atmosphere is very laid back and the people are wonderful. The snorkeling was amazing.
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Re: beaches - 08/11/07 10:23 PM

i recognise that beach!!
here is another shot of maya beach.

edit: and another,

we like maya beach!
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: beaches - 08/11/07 11:07 PM

gee, barnacle...maybe you should get a place there! wink

btw - fantastic rainbow pic.
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Re: beaches - 08/11/07 11:44 PM

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

Same coast, different country. I love Punta Allen!!!!

Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: beaches - 08/17/07 05:19 PM

Great Photos Bill, I'm ready to make reservations!
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