Mata Chica News?

Posted By: antler

Mata Chica News? - 09/18/07 04:30 PM

Hi all -

I've been following this board and coming to the island for over 7 years now...I guess it is time for my first post!

We have a trip planned to stay at Mata Chica at the beginning of October and I am wondering if any of you know if the place is ok. They are 'closed for renovations' this month and I want to make sure that I don't need to change things around if they suffered real damage.

Is everything else back up to speed?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!
Posted By: JZB

Re: Mata Chica News? - 09/18/07 05:11 PM

antler, most resorts will close for a month this time of year to make improvements on the property (because it is soooo slow anyway). There was no serious damage from either hurricane.

No worries! Chances are you will find Mata Chica as good as, or possibly better than your last visit.
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