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Posted By: roxane

custom help - 09/21/07 10:58 PM

Okay--I know I can't bring wine. Does customs check baggage at the International Airport? It also says we can't bring herbs. Does that include all spices?
Posted By: Aviator

Re: custom help - 09/21/07 11:52 PM


Customs does (at times) check bags. We have been through customs at Belize International 12+ times and the only times they did not check our bags was when I did "not" claim anything. It seems that evety time we have something to claim they want to check the bags; although, they have never been really inthusiastic about it. On the other hand I would sure hate like hell to not claim something and then get hoofed from the country for trying to smuggle! Although ... I have seen people pulled from the line leaving the baggage area to have thier luggage checked.

Yep you can bring wine. 1 litre. I don't know why you would want to. Just contact Simon at an he will look after everything. NO I do not work for him; I use his services and find them to be all that I need and more.

Have a wonderful trip!!!!!
Posted By: Cooper

Re: custom help - 09/22/07 04:17 AM

If you are flying in you can bring 2 bottles of wine in each. If you are crossing the boarder by land you have to pay 60% duty on wine, no freebies, rules are different for citizens, however I have been bringing in wine from Guat, no duty.or very little, but when you can buy a great Chilean Cab for $6.00 a bottle and the same bottle cost $20 on the Cayes its worth a day trip.
Posted By: Sunny Day

Re: custom help - 09/22/07 10:50 PM

Customs won't let you bring in Herb?!
They must have heard about our night in Cancun.
They won't let him back in there either.
Posted By: crockhunter

Re: custom help - 09/23/07 12:33 PM

If you are planning on smoking the herb or making brownies, you probably don't want to declare it either.
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