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Posted By: zemquoi

Fishing gear - 10/01/07 02:49 PM

hey all,
I am coming in as a first timer to AC and have a question about fishing gear. Should I lug my own gear (rods, lures etc.) to the island or do guides usually provide gear? I would hate to pack it and not even use it (which sometimes happens on other trips). Can you rent rods if you want to take a stab at fishing on your own? Any advice?


BTW - this is a great message board and very helpfull, thanks to all those who take the time to answer all these "dumb" questions!
Posted By: Rykat

Re: Fishing gear - 10/01/07 04:04 PM

depends? Are you avid or rabid? Trolling stuff use theirs. Light tackle or fly - if ya got the "goods" bring your own.
Usually always bring a rod case with light and medium favorites but offshore fishing stuff is too heavy to bring. JMHO smile
No place that I know of to rent decent tackle but many guides supply it. Check with your Captain, see what they have.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Fishing gear - 10/01/07 04:09 PM

All [GOOD ]gudies have there own stuff.I go down once a month to fish and my guides have good equpt..If you want bring a small two peace spin rod and reel 8 lb or 12 lb test . that you can fit in you suit case great!! You can try off the some docks or beach.And thats other story where???.But be very careful who you use as a guide there are very good guides here but get a local one who knows there trade not some pick up guy who solicits you on the street!!!! I use a buddy of mine his name is steve he brokers for ten local guides and takes master /visa a big plus .We also have a few tackel shops here ..Any other ?????? send me a pm on the board and I will chat with you and share info .Tight lines and good fishing...
Posted By: zemquoi

Re: Fishing gear - 10/02/07 02:43 AM

I am seriously RABID and frustrated at that! It has been a long summer of hard work here on the east coast and my fishin machine has lain idle for too long. I missed the entire spring run here. I will come by to see Steve when I get to town in a day or so. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for the info, the fishingsanpedro site is great.
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