Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye

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Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/18/07 08:22 PM

We are thinking of going to Ambergris for a week (early Feb) of our trip and Caye Chapel for 3 or 4 days too. We have never been to Belize, so I am doing lots of research.
My hubby likes to golf so wants to go to Caye Chapel, i want to dive, dive, dive so we will spend some time on AC too.
Where is the best place to stay that is close to town, has a nice pool and a good dive shop? Have been looking at Victoria House, Banyan Bay, Ramons and Belizian Shores.
any info on Caye Chapel would be wonderful too. Also any idea if there is a ferry or flight between AC and Caye Chapel?

Add to all this that my hubby will be just off of crutches so a place that is fairly easy to get around would be good too.
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/18/07 08:31 PM

Check out their website, lots of info.

We are going over Thanksgiving, spending 4 days on AC and then heading to Caye Chapel for 3 days. We will do a trip report when we get back, with some more specifics on Caye Chapel, as there seems to be a lack of subject matter regarding it on this board.

I don't know if the ferry runs there, but if you check the Maya air schedule, they do list flights to the Caye as necessary. Probably like the flights we've been on Tropic, where they stop at Caye Caulker if needed on their way to or from AC. We are scheduled for a Maya flight from AC to Caye Chapel, like a 7 minute flight, hardly time to clear the bushes on Caye Caulker. smile
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/18/07 08:36 PM

Caye Chapel is an amazing golf experience. The course will set you up with a flight, cart, lunch, etc.
As for places to stay. It depends on your budget and how close to town you would like to be. All of the places you name are nice. I would include the SunBreeze Hotel. Great location, restaurant and pool. Have a great trip!
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/19/07 01:42 AM

I'll be looking for your trip report to see what you think, have fun. I looked at and it looks awesome, just wondering if it really is great in real life. will you be diving? I am also wondering about diving from Caye Chapel.
I'll look up the Sunbreeze too.
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/19/07 04:51 AM

Caye Chapel is beautiful. A few days there will be nice since heh would like to golf.
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/19/07 03:56 PM

Just snorkeling this trip. My son and daughter are both certified, but he has sinus issues and the daughter would rather golf. I believe they can set up drive trips also. I don't think you will have any problem getting your dives in.
Generally, if the place you are staying has a dive shop, they will obviously recommend it. But, if you wish to use any of the others, they are just a short stroll away and will usually pick you up wherever you are staying.

We were at Banyan Bay in June, and found it to be comfortable with a nice pool and fairly good dive shop. A bit far out tho for casual walks into town. The Palms is nice altho the pool is a bit small. Sunbreeze is also a good bet. I guess it depends how fancy you want.
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/19/07 09:16 PM

If you're an avid golfer like I am, you MUST go there to play. Quite an experience. The course, for the first time, will bring to your knees no matter how good you are.
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/19/07 09:52 PM

he he he. If I have a bad game, I go have a beer. If my son-in-law has is 1 stroke over what he thinks he should have gotten, it ruins his whole week. On the other hand, he is damn good, and the daughter is no slouch either. I couldn't begin to compete with either of them.

I am an avid relaxer. smile
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/21/07 01:04 AM

I think I have narrowed it down to Belizean Shores and Xanadu, I think.
My hubby is a good golfer but I am sure he will need a couple beers while he is golfing.
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/27/07 10:30 PM

IS it realistic to take a ferry from AC to Caye Chapel just to play for a day trip?
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/28/07 03:22 PM

You can take Maya Island Air to Caye Chapel. My hubby has been able to get in 3 rounds in a single day. No crowds at Caye chapel to hold you up.
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/29/07 12:26 AM

For a first trip, I would reccommend Xanadu, much closer to town and a really nice, mellow place. No bar or restaurant but several are close. We are heading back for our second time at Xanadu in March.
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/29/07 01:47 AM

AND.....there's a little grocery store just around the corner from Xanadu!
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Re: Caye Chapel Ambergris Caye - 10/30/07 04:44 AM

Xanadu sounds awesome, but they don't have any rooms available for the time we want. I even asked about later in Feb and they just have 2 and 3 bedrooms then. So we are looking at Belizean Shores, but still open to ideas.
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