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Projector/Screen - 10/26/07 10:56 PM

We are getting married in Belize in two weeks. We wanted to rent a projector and screen for a slide show at the rehearsal dinner. Does anyone know a place we might get one or if we need to lug one from the states. Thanks, Julie
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Re: Projector/Screen - 10/27/07 12:03 AM

We put on a Christian revival on the island last winter and brought our own down--if you do the same, remove the lens from the projector and put both in your carry on
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Re: Projector/Screen - 10/27/07 06:36 PM

Another option is to digitise the photos and have them on a CD or Laptop for a Power Point Presentation which opens more options for showing on TV's or Plasmas. Depends a little on the Input options of TV or Plasma or on the Laptop / PC output configuration. Our TV system here is NTSC as per the States.

Several places (Pedro's comes to mind have) have Projectors that this should work with too. Video Projectors not Slide.
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