Contacting Alfonso

Posted By: PaulNg

Contacting Alfonso - 11/07/07 05:57 AM


We have a large group visiting Belize for the first time this December. Looking for a good snorkeling guide on Ambergris Caye. Saw some nice comments about Alfonso. Could not reach him at [email protected] This is the email listed at //
Does he have a different email address. Many thanks.

Posted By: cardsfan

Re: Contacting Alfonso - 11/07/07 03:21 PM

Hi Paul. You've made a great choice with Alfonse! We've been snorkling with him for years and always have a GREAT time! As far as I know he doesn't check his e-mail, but his cell phone number is 501-620-1060. Have a great trip!
Posted By: Alter Ego

Re: Contacting Alfonso - 11/08/07 05:17 AM

Hi Paul

Alfonso lives next door to me...i saw your post and i informed him but he has changed his number...if you could provide me with an email address I could pass this on to him because he really is a good guide with many snorkeling stories to tell.

Alter E
Posted By: PaulNg

Re: Contacting Alfonso - 11/08/07 06:59 PM

Thank you so much for responding. My email is [email protected]
We have a large group of 17 people (9 children). So I would like to make arrangement with him ahead of time if possible.
Posted By: Tucson Jim

Re: Contacting Alfonso - 11/09/07 12:46 AM

I have been trying to reach Alfonso for snorkeling trip so if you could pass my email on to Alfonso,it would be [email protected] and my name is Jim Sullivan
Posted By: klcman

Re: Contacting Alfonso - 11/10/07 12:23 AM

One easy solution wuold be to contact Sandra at Monkey Business (Banana Beach) [email protected] - she talks to him all the time.
Posted By: swanno

Re: Contacting Alfonso - 11/10/07 04:09 AM

I have 2 numbers for L'il Alfonso
226-3537 and 610-3269

They worked last time we used him a few months ago
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