Partyin' at Canuck's

Posted By: SP Daily

Partyin' at Canuck's - 11/18/07 05:39 AM

Lotsa dancin' and partyin' goin' on at Canuck's tonight. A wild bunch!!!
Posted By: lil'red

Re: Partyin' at Canuck's - 11/18/07 07:39 AM

Tonight was AWESOME!!! I don't brag the band often, but tonight was just excellent. 'The Usual Suspects' were tight. Our bio-rythms were in sync. It just rocked for us. And we love it when it comes out like that!
We had Belikin Bill on harps. The solid Gold dancers were on the floor, helping us make some great music. Sweet Jane and Tacogirl, KCJayhawk and his oh so happy, stunning wife.
Ted came back to SP after months away from a now very happy Nancy. LeahAnn was there, Peter4, Jesse and and a bunch of others I can't even name.
It was so good to see all of you having so much fun. Derrick burned up that bass..............damn that kid is good! Dan, DrummerDan. Who'da thunk he could sing like that?
We played Charlie his song, Cindy motored in on her "mo-ped called flame".........(her bike). And the beautiful "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground" was caught by a tall man with long hair who held her tight and danced her around the dance floor.
I want to say thank you to all of you. Your response is like fuel to a fire for us. Thank You All.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Partyin' at Canuck's - 11/18/07 03:03 PM

Lil Red was a great night you totally have bragging rights over last night - you guys were really rocking.

It has been so much fun with everyone visiting.

(just uploading a few pics from last night now)
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Partyin' at Canuck's - 11/19/07 05:59 PM

Lil'red, you guys were rockin! Hey, are you confusing me w/ sweetjane? That's fine by me!!! smile

I didn't see Jesse! You left too soon!

Was really great music and the kido is quite impressive!
Posted By: lil'red

Re: Partyin' at Canuck's - 11/19/07 06:41 PM

Yup, I did confuse you two, not that I don't know the difference, but I got the name wrong. Sorry on that. I am really really poor with names and my facial recogition software is on the fritz, lol.
That kido is a wonderful musician and just a great kid. He is 14 and has a hunger that is not often seen in young people these days. I know someday I will be able to say "I used to play with that guy".
Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: Partyin' at Canuck's - 11/19/07 07:16 PM

Fun night for sure - fun music, great breeze, some of my most favorite people and really cold beer! smile
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Partyin' at Canuck's - 11/20/07 02:55 PM

you can confuse me with TQ (my much younger sister!) ANYTIME!!!!

agree, that bass player is mucho talented!
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Partyin' at Canuck's - 11/21/07 06:59 PM
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