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Living Word Church - 12/18/07 05:23 PM

Greetings to everyone on the board from snow covered Illinois.My wife and I own on San Pedro and have made 11 trips to the island.We love it like everyone else and have been attending // ( LWC),next to Pedro's Inn while on the island. Pastor Ian of LWC has a heart for San Pedro and has helped us create a yearly revival on the island.We pay all our own expenses and are not asking for help for ourselves. We were in Central Park last year, and as a result of our revival many locals are now in various churches and bible studies and certain families have been changed for the better.We have been ask to return to do a 6 -day revival in February and have accepted.Tent rental is very expensive and we have been ask by other church people to do more work with the locals,as a former motorcyle club officer before I found God three years ago at 45 years of age,I have a gentle,non-judgemental approach to the Gospel,and lots of experience outside of the place I find myself today.This seems to be very effective,as I now volunteer as a prison evangelist in the US,and have been invited and accepted a speaking engagement at Belize Central Prison ( Hattieville) while down in Febuary,2008.I wrote Marty and ask him if he thought it to be appropriate to ask board members to assist LWC in purchasing a revival tent for us to use.We will report to the board any and all donations.I speak against division and strife in the jails all the time and would never want to start any on the board,understanding that not everyone has our beliefs.I have seen these charity requests being questioned and promise not one penny would be used for anything other than purchasing a tent to conduct these meetings in the years to come.Having said that,we would like to direct everyone interested to LWC website to click on "how I can help",where you will see the need for the tent and an avenue to give via credit card.Please check out our ministry website @ also( click on photo gallery to see last years revival),and our Illinois address is listed below for anyone wishing to give through US mail.We are a "not for profit" group and will be staying at Villas Del Rio ( Coco Locos) ,starting January 22.Come by and meet us,we already know many board members and are blessed to be a part of this wonderful island community.We thank everyone for visiting this thread and pray we have offended no one.Thank you.
Scuba Do
David & Jo Nisbet
510 Sherwood drive
St.Joseph Illinois 61873
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Re: Living Word Church - 12/22/07 09:03 PM

Marty-Thank you for posting our letter.I promised to keep the board informed on the donations to the San Pedro church for a new tent.Although 160 people read the thread,we received $ 0.00 in donations on the church web-site.Thanks to everyone anyway.Happy Holidays--David Nisbet Open Door Evangelic Ministries
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Don't give up you have the right power on your side .
Look and listen to this it is beautiful
God Bless all who read and all who listen
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Re: Living Word Church - 12/22/07 09:45 PM

Might want to speak to a friend of mine, Jeff Nickels. He is the chaplain in Hattieville. He was saved in the prisons in Texas and works with Calvary Commission out of Texas, over 15 years in Hattieville. PM if you want contact information. We taught in Hattieville for two years and had a cell to cell ministry there with him.
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Re: Living Word Church - 12/23/07 03:24 PM

Thanks for the encouragement Susie..sounds like a great ministry dabunk..teaching in the prisons is a great way to serve God.
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Re: Living Word Church - 12/23/07 04:40 PM

It was a great initiation to Belize as well, scared me silly at first, but when we had to move on, it was really hard to quit.
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Re: Living Word Church - 12/30/07 11:12 PM

Thanks for the info dabunk--I contacted Calvary Commission and E-mailed Jeff @ Hattieville---the cell to cell ministry would be awesome !
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