Night Snorkeling

Posted By: tacogirl

Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 03:56 PM

Looking for comments / info on night snorkeling trips.

For those who have done it how would you compare to daytime? I know different creatures come out.

Does headlight make it bright enough for an under water camera?

Posted By: BFaucett

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 04:28 PM

I have dove and snorkled in Belize and many other places at night. You will find that there are many more species that are out at night then during the day. You will see Morays out of their caves and Lobsters out walking around rather than hiding. Its definately something that you should try.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 04:28 PM

We've night snorkeled a few times in Bonaire, and it was a really different experience, almost eery, but strangely beautiful. A full moon might help things. I might suggest a spot with at least a few feet of depth/clearance, as you can't see to avoid any near surface obstacles. A headlight or a flashlight should give you a good amount of light to see specific things, but as to photos, no experience. I might think a flash would be sufficient for objects up to a few feet away.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 04:32 PM

Definitely more things to see at night , its all sleeping or hiding under a coral head during the day.
use a flash on your camera , I don't think your light isgoing to make you happy.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 04:36 PM

I've noticed at Hol Chan some of the top predators are using the light of the snorkelers and divers to find prey and its almost sad to shine your light on a fish just to realize it was a death sentence because a huge snapper has been following you waiting for you to help him find dinner.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 04:59 PM

When we night dived in Bonaire (off Buddy Dive), we were cautioned about a resident Tarpon that would follow the divers, above and behind, and hunt in the lights. The warning was so that if you all of a sudden have a 6 foot tarpon shoot over your head and drop in front of you, you would not panic... Like that would happen. laugh
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 05:29 PM

Thanks for the tips.

I was going to check with a couple of people Tulu or Alphonse to line it up. I only have flippers and mask no light was hoping who ever we go with might have,

Good to know Bobber. I did not panic when I saw big barracuda and shark yesterday but I sure swam the other way pretty fast ha ha.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 08:17 PM

My favorite time to night dive/snorkel is at full moon. The light is great for snorkeling and shallow diving - but not sufficient for photography.

Definitely it will be a great experience.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 09:50 PM

Thanks Amanda

I will be able to check if we can do full moon once they book dates.
Posted By: azbob

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/28/07 10:35 PM

TG, check out the following link. I'm sure they will have the moon phases up for 2008 any day now:
Posted By: Phil

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/29/07 07:04 PM

taco, any dive shop will rent you a dive light for the evening. A snorkel might help too!!
Posted By: gailtor

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/29/07 07:52 PM

LOL at Phil.. yes I think Tacogirl needs and has a snorkel smile

Posted By: tortuga

Re: Night Snorkeling - 12/31/07 04:50 PM

Night dives have been some of my favorite and most memorable dives. My first one was at Hol Chan earlier this year and is still one of my favorite dives ever. I liked it so much I did the same dive twice more on the last trip down. I was with a friend all 3 times who is a snorkler, and she is now obsessed with night snorkeling too. At night your world is reduced to what you can see in your flashlight beam, so you really are living 100% in that moment and focusing on the things you are seeing.
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