golf cart rental

Posted By: gringasue

golf cart rental - 01/17/08 01:18 PM

Which company has the best prices on golf cart rentals?
I know to stay away from Island Rentals from previous posts.
Can you negotiate a better price in person than reserving online before arrival. Thanks
Posted By: ubbit

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 02:07 PM

You can negotiate a better price if you pay cash. Up to 20%.
Posted By: Loansum-Al K

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 03:10 PM

Cholos.....good price and great people!
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 03:11 PM

With whom ?
Posted By: JRinSC

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 03:14 PM

I agree with LOANSUM, Cholo's was easy to work with, friendly and my one day cart cost 55.00 USD, including tax. Had to fill it up, but that wasn't bad.
Posted By: ericinsc

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 03:26 PM

We got a large discount over published rates by renting a whole week in advance through Katie Valk, our travel agent. If I remember correctly it was $250 US for the week. Ours was from Island Adventures, which is not Island Tours. I see on Cholo's ad they offer a discount if you call them and reserve in advance.
Posted By: gringasue

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 03:27 PM

Thanks for the info.
Where can we find Cholo's?
Posted By: ericinsc

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 03:27 PM

Well, maybe that's not such a large discount, lol. But, we did not have to pay extra to have the gas tank refilled.
Posted By: ericinsc

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 03:30 PM


link : //
Posted By: margarita

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 04:24 PM

Cholo's was good to us as well as a place past Milo's and the cemetery -can't remember the name, it was with a gift shop. We always had an electric cart - no gas but you have to make sure they have plenty of charge or you might get stranded!
Belize it!
Posted By: J DOG

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 11:01 PM

LOANSUM recommended Cholo's to me last May, they had the cart at Banyan Bay when I arrived, keys at front desk, rode over & did the paper work the next day. We drove it every day & only used about half a tank, he said I didn't need to fill it & just left it at B.B. when we left. A lot of cart rentals require you to bring it back full.
Very convienent & I wouldn't consider using anyone else.
He also owns a very cool sports bar Cholo's, right on the beach, in front of Amigos Del Mar dive shop.
Posted By: klcman

Re: golf cart rental - 01/17/08 11:08 PM

Ultimate Rentals is also top notch with virtually new gas carts and negotiable.
Posted By: Ambergris Bob

Re: golf cart rental - 01/18/08 05:08 AM

I've rented from Moncho's 3 x in the past year or so, gas in included, they are in great shape and you can negotiate on week+ rates, at least I have. Very friendly and I did it all over email.

Posted By: reaper

Re: golf cart rental - 01/18/08 05:17 AM

Island Adventures (across from the 5 a side court) lets you use the phone and computer for free.
Posted By: debbief

Re: golf cart rental - 01/18/08 05:45 AM

Castle Cars! Great prices and excellent customer service!
Posted By: colomojo

Re: golf cart rental - 01/19/08 07:19 PM

We used Cholo's for a 6 seater, they delivered it and picked it up. We were required to return it full, which we didn't do ourselves (we chose to spend our time differently the last day there :)). My concern was it was going to be very expensive but they didn't charge us any extra for them filling it, just for the gas. The 6 seater cost us about $400 us for Sat - Sat rental. We thought this was fairly reasonable and didn't shop much more. We booked online, it was a cinch! I will use them again in May if we decide to have a cart rental.
Posted By: Renee-md

Re: golf cart rental - 01/19/08 07:27 PM

We rented from Cholo's last year and they were great. We had booked in online and we didn't need it for the whole week so we returned it early and he gave us our refund. Good people!
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