Posted By: darrin fisher

tattoos - 01/30/08 04:51 AM

does anyone do tattoos on the island?

just curious, prolly dont have time or money to get one this trip :^)

Posted By: travelqueen

Re: tattoos - 01/30/08 04:52 AM

Wasn't deacon supposed to open a place? Ok, bad joke... you might try doing a search on this topic as it has been brought up some... very cool idea!
Posted By: klcman

Re: tattoos - 01/30/08 04:57 AM

There is a tat shop - recenty opened ( NOT by Deacon hahahah), middle street, IIRC. One of the local papers had a recent article. Check the archives.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: tattoos - 01/30/08 05:00 AM

Upstairs of gecko graphics there is a shop. Never been though.
Posted By: darrin fisher

Re: tattoos - 01/30/08 02:55 PM

cool, thanks guys.

Posted By: klcman

Re: tattoos - 01/30/08 03:20 PM

Rumor has it that DCG is getting a lower back tat - "WE SMOKED THE SOUTH CRAWLERS"
Posted By: divingcowgirl

Re: tattoos - 01/30/08 06:32 PM

Shhhhh KLC..... that was supposed to be a secret!!
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