If you had to choose...

Posted By: Destri

If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 04:16 PM

between the following hotels, which would you choose:

The Tides
Sun Breeze
Corona Del Mar
Banana Beach

I know "where to stay" questions are asked all the time, but I'm truly having a quandary. The more I look, the more confused I get.

Some info about us...we are four friends (2 girls, 2 guys, not couples) in our early thirties who want to be near enough to walk into town. We'd prefer something that wasn't real family oriented, because we can get a little bit loud. We want something nice, but affordable. Our budget is around 200 a night for all four of us. We are looking into suites and quad rooms that we can afford on this budget. We don't care about having a kitchen. We don't mind swimming off a dock, but we'd like to lay on the beach.

Also, we are coming for a the week of Memorial Day (May 24-31). How soon do you think we need to book a room?
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 04:38 PM

my order would be Banana Beach, C del mar, Sunbreeze (will need 2 rooms), The Tides (2 rooms). Sunbreeze is closest to town (in town really) but only allows 3 adults per room. Tides has some new 2 bedroom suites so if you could get one of those, it would move up on the list and still be in your budget.

I'd book fairly soon for Memorial weekend
Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 05:07 PM

I'll put my plug in for Banana Beach. Rooms are large and clean, the included full breakfast adds to the value, it's close enough to walk the beach to town, two great pools and an excellent onsite bar. oh yeah, and the staff are great fun!!! smile
Posted By: lil'red

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 06:50 PM

If I can offer my 2 cents. I stayed at the Spindrift for two months in early 2006 and found it to be a perfect situation for "walkers". It is right in the middle of town on the beach. They have an apartment with 3 double beds and a huge sofa, kitchen, wireless and a/c for $150usd per night. A double room will run you $78 per night per room should you want to split up. The staff is wonderful, it is steps from the windsurfing rentals, island ferry, water taxi, the TackleBox restaurant and dive shops. The Pier Lounge and Caliente's restaurant occupy the bottom floor, next door is Estelle's restaurant, a large stretch of beach, then Big Daddy's, then Fido's. Rooms are clean and simple, but for me, I prefer to spend my money on fun things rather than a room that I will only be passing out in every night.
Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 06:52 PM

Take a look at Exotic Caye as well. Fun people, quick walk into town and a great bar (Crazy Canucks)!!
Posted By: Destri

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 07:19 PM

Thank you all, and keep the responses coming. I think I'm currently suffering from the "reading too many reviews on TripAdvisor" bug, so it's nice to hear from people who aren't upset and who have unbiased opinions.

I'll check out both the Spindrift and Exotic Caye.
Posted By: LoveH20

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 07:28 PM

Last year we stayed at Banana Beach and loved it. In fact, we are going there again this year... the only thing is, is there isnt much going on there at nite...Its kind of quiet. Of course, there are the golf carts you can take to town or walk along the shore...Other than that the pools are great and we really like the breakfasts....Have fun!!!
Posted By: Bobber

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 07:29 PM

You might also take a look at the Palms. Centrally located, fair beach next door, comfortable rooms, good view.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 07:53 PM

Also look at Paradise Villas. Very close to town with a lovely pool, yet with a peaseful feel to it. Two agents manage different parts of it - Tradewinds and Nellies.
Posted By: reaper

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/30/08 10:10 PM

Aqua Marina Suites
You could fit 4, nice pool, nice beach, in town.
Posted By: seashell

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/31/08 04:03 AM

Destri, Banana Beach is a great place with a couple of decent sized pools. Regardless, I'm going to suggest that you take it off your list.

And before anyone jumps all over me, I'll tell you why.

From what Destri says, these are 4 youngish people that appear to like to party and want to be able to easily walk around in town. Having a bit of experience with partying, I know that people can get separated. That being the case, it would be better if they were closer to town and it would be a small thing for a single (girl) to walk home by herself at night.

IMNSHO, this would not be wise (or a small matter) for her to do from town at night.

I'm on board for The Tides. I checked out their suites and particularly the mainfloor two bedroom, was awesome.

I'm on board for Paradise Villas. Great location and very nice grounds. Around their pool is a great place for sunbathing, though not right *on* the beach.

The Blue Tang has a good room. #11, I think it is. Not quite sure if you'd like to have four in there though? Is anyone willing to share a bed? This is an absolutely huge room, has two queens and a queen hideabed. The room I'm thinking of doesn't face directly to the beach, but does look north up the beach.
Posted By: seashell

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/31/08 07:00 AM

By the way, when you say "loud", just what is it that you mean? smile

You might want to check out the Mayan Princess too. It has a couple of rooms that might suit. There's a room on the second floor on the southside that is a suite and has a large separate bedroom, with two fullsized beds in it, IIRC.

Room #15, is an ordinary suite, queen bed in sleeping area, queen pullout in seating area, but there is also a small (really small) bedroom with bunkbeds in it. This small room, is connected by a little hallway, that is shut off from the main hotel hallway by the hotel room door. But on top of that, the small room has it's own door and so does the main suite.

Last year, I had that unit and some friends came to stay with me. Worked out great! Only little hiccup in the arrangement (for me) is that the bathroom is right beside the sleeping area. Well, OK, it was only a hiccup for me when my friends staying in the little room, wanted to use the facilities when I was trying to sleep. wink
Posted By: J DOG

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/31/08 12:59 PM

I'm with Seashell on this one, nice but at least a mile & 1/2 from town. I would go with the Tides, located very close to edge of town(less than 5 min.) I think they include breakfast, they have a small dipping pool & Bar. Great Bar close by in Wet Willys. I also like Mayan Princess, center of town & all beach front Balconies.
I think first timers should stay close to town to get the real feel for S.P.
Posted By: Destri

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/31/08 03:37 PM

The walking alone part is certainly something to think about. I'm quite sure we will get separated, and I would like to be able to go from town to home to rest, freshen up, etc.

I also think these particular people can out-party me, so I'll probably be the one walking home. Who knows, though? If I get enough rum punch in me, I might be able to compete.

I don't think we'll be too loud. But, we will be drinking and hanging out, and we do get a bit boisterous.

Thanks so much for giving me particular room numbers and layouts. That will help a lot.

I appreciate all your opinions. And, the next four months are going to be an almost unbearable wait. I'm sure I will keep having questions, so I appreciate this board very much.
Posted By: 6string

Re: If you had to choose... - 01/31/08 03:43 PM

Butch the bartendar at the Tides is way cool too... he works outside next to the pool and always had one ready for us as we walked the beach from the Seven Seas (which is a nice place too!!) to the center of town. We spent almost every evening there as we crawled and stumbled "home" at nite.. or was it morning? smile
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