Whale shark operators

Posted By: suecate

Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 06:31 PM

Does anyone know a whale shark tour operator on AC
Posted By: LaraTravelBelize

Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 06:41 PM

there arent really any whale sharks in the waters up here, but after you have exhausted all the fun here in belize, you can head to honduras and check them out there (during season, although you can get lucky other times of the year from what i understand). I can refer you to some dive shops there if you are interested.

Someone else chime in here, but i do think that sometimes you can see them out of PG, but i'm not sure about that.
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Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 06:51 PM

Lara The Wale Sharks are a feature of Dive Shops in Southern Belize,
your right its seasonal.Gladden Split reserve for the Wale Shark in Belize.
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Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 06:54 PM

The biggest congregation is at Gladden Spit (Belize). Tour operators run out of Hopkins, Placencia and I believe South Water Caye.

Google "Whale Shark tours +belize" and you'll find plenty of tours.
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Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 07:00 PM

Gladden Spit works in google as well :-)
God Bless Google
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Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 08:06 PM

Your best bet is to go to Placencia, contact Brain Young at Seshorse Divers. Best time is in March, April and May about 4/5 days before and after the full moon.
You can take Tropic Air from AC and spend a coupe of days in Placencia diving with the Whale Sharks.
Here is their web site

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Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 08:15 PM

We did the Whale Sharks with Brian our first trip to Belize. I would recommend him also.
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Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 08:45 PM

He's away on a catamaran trip for 10 days starting today.
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Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 08:48 PM

thank you

I sent him an email from his sight. For a once in a life time trip like that recommendations mean a lot. We just happen to be down at the perfect time in april and it would make my son's life..( he's 9). Would you recommend the dive or just snorkel and any recommendations for a place to stay?
Posted By: JZB

Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 09:12 PM

Your son won't be able to do the dive but you can get just as close to them when snorkeling. They usually swim up right at the surface. It is a blue water dive and you're SUPPOSED to be an advanced diver to do it. Just be prepared for the long bumpy ride out to the site although it is well worth it if you get to see the giant beasts.
Posted By: swanno

Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 09:30 PM

Not sure how the snorkeling trips work for whale shark spotting but I would recommend diving rather than snorkeling, it is unlike any other diving you will do.
Basically it is a 2 hour or so boat trip from Placencia out to Gladden Split.
You then wait for your chance to encounter the whale sharks, they limit the amounts of boats (and divers, normally about 8 divers per boat) allowed into the split at any one time in order to protect the creatures.
So you go into the Split and after the captain of the boat has spoken to the local fisherman to see where the snappers are spawning (the whale sharks come to the Split to feed on the snapper spawn).
Then you all get into the water (very quickly) descend to about 60 feet and stay together as a group while the Dive master try to spot the balls of snapper.
You are in total open water there is no coral or anything else aprt from blue water.
So you are then swimming around really fast following the DM until the DM sees something.
You then get together as a really tight group making as many bubbles as possible (concept being that the Whale sharks think you look like a ball of spawning snapper)
You are then looking around like a headless chicken, banging tanks with the other divers waiting for something....then, if you're lucky, the fun starts!! They arrive and to see these magnificent 20-30 feet creatures up close will live in your memory for ever.
We were so lucky we had 2 dives and saw 4 on the first dive and 2 on the second.

As for where to stay it really depends on your budget, the Inn at Roberts Grove is really nice but expensive, but there are plenty of inexpensive places to stay. JUST BOOK EARLY since a lot of divers want to see the whale sharks.

Posted By: suecate

Re: Whale shark operators - 02/01/08 09:48 PM

Everyone but my son is certified and I just wanted to make sure the snorkel was worth it. Have to do the vacation plan shuffle to accomodate. Thanks
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