AA Meetings

Posted By: treetops

AA Meetings - 02/02/08 04:50 AM

anybody have any info on meetings in San Pedro?
Posted By: sunandsand

Re: AA Meetings - 02/02/08 02:55 PM

This info is from the SanPedro Daily Classifieds. I hope this helps.

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 600-9061/ 226-4464/ 226-2922/ 226-3687

Posted By: elbert

Re: AA Meetings - 02/02/08 03:21 PM

Tree tops
The meetings are across from the Roman Catholic Church on main st. easy to find. If that doesn't do it my # is 2262405 I've always got good coffee and any friend of Bill is a friend of mine.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: AA Meetings - 02/02/08 03:35 PM

Can't see there being much demand in San Pedro. It's the most drink-sodden place I've ever lived in.
Posted By: natalie p

Re: AA Meetings - 02/02/08 03:38 PM

Regular meetings are at the Rectory across from the RC Church on Barrier Reef Drive. Tues Noon open Discussion meeting.
Fridays at noon closed step study
Sundays at 3PM mens only group
Also Saul at 226 2020 organizes bilingual meetings on irregular evenings.
We will also organize an emergency meeting for anyone who feels the need.
The phone numbers give by sunandsand are correct.
Posted By: elbert

Re: AA Meetings - 02/02/08 03:50 PM

Pedro 2
..and therein lies the tale.
Posted By: treetops

Re: AA Meetings - 02/02/08 04:34 PM

thank you, a family member who attends is arriving on Monday, I will let her know.
Posted By: treetops

Re: AA Meetings - 02/08/08 12:01 AM

thanks, will go friday
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: AA Meetings - 02/08/08 12:56 AM

Pedr 2
NEED and WANT are two different things. There are people who would rather die than go to AA - and many do.
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