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Posted By: j&dgreen

Tanisha Tours - 02/21/08 07:55 PM

We took 2 inland trips with Tanisha Tours. The Lamanai trip was run by Daniel Nunez & his knowledge of flora, fauna & the Mayan culture is amazing. We talked to others who went with other operators & they reported that they spent barely 1/2hr. on the actual tour of the ruins. We were there for 1 1/2hrs. & left with a broad knowledge of the Mayans & of Lamanai. The lunch was great, too!

We also did a zipline/Belize Zoo tour that was very well run. Our guide, Randy had a wealth of knowledge about his country & was easy to understand.

Go with Tanisha -- they give great value for the money!!
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Re: Tanisha Tours - 02/21/08 09:57 PM

been emailing with no response
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Re: Tanisha Tours - 02/22/08 02:24 AM

I just want to also add my experience with Daniel and Tanisha Tours. We also went to Laminai. Daniel was so knowledgeable. We didn't realize that we had it so good until we talked to some other people at BC's who were shocked that we had so much time to spend, as well as going in a more comfortable van as opposed to a big rickety bus. We feel so fortunate to have lucked into getting Daniel to be our guide.


PS: We didn't email them, just stopped in at their new location.
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: Tanisha Tours - 02/22/08 04:32 AM

I have always thought that Daniel, and Elodia ran the best tours on the Island. I went out with him the first time in '95...He was great then and has come a long way since then. You should ask about a Sunday private fishing and BBQ at their house. A great way to learn the inside of life on A.C. They are gracious and honest people. Glad you had a great time....One Love...
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Re: Tanisha Tours - 02/22/08 03:41 PM

we always come in the off season and I am just a little concerned that it will be booked up when we get there in April.

Any experiance with "busyness" of the island at that time..
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Tanisha Tours - 02/22/08 03:53 PM

tanisha was having some dsl probs last month...try again. if you have a email, try using yahoo or gmail or something - seems to get thru better.

the nunezes are lovely people.
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Re: Tanisha Tours - 02/22/08 03:57 PM

I hear that they are the best tours and thats why I want to put in the effort of getting in touch with them. I sent him my work email. If you hear from them see if they will send me a pm or email - I just get anxious setting things up ahead of time having the kids with us.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Tanisha Tours - 02/22/08 04:30 PM

they will be there when you need them i guarantee it
Posted By: suecate

Re: Tanisha Tours - 02/22/08 04:32 PM

thank you
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