Good beach to get married on?

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Good beach to get married on? - 02/23/08 07:15 PM

My fiance and I are coming to San Pedro to get married in May. What's a good beach to use for the wedding? We're staying at Ramon's, but the I think its crazy that they're going to charge us $1000 for a license, spot on the beach, palm leaves and minister. Aren't all beaches open to the public in Belize? Where does the line between public beach and private property begin?

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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/23/08 07:21 PM

I got married on the beach at Ramons and there is a ton of detail they take care of your not seeing right now. I doubt if you would be able to swing all the permits and permissions behind the scenes to get married in a foreign country. Its well worth it.
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/24/08 09:26 PM

IMO I think Ramon's is trying to preserve a "wedding only area" on the beach for your pleasure. There is lots of foot traffic through Ramon's beach area. Do you want people walking through your wedding ceremnony?

I think the "Queensland" public beach access you refer to is measured from the sea shore inland a few meters. You can look it up. I don't think it is the area you want for your wedding.

Victoria House Beach would be my choice for a wedding or any celebration. The beach has a different shape and feel than Ramon's and there is way less foot traffic passing through.

You can search this message board and website for loads of info from weddings that already happened.

Also there are wedding planners in San Pedro who would be happy to help you design your special event.
Belize it!
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/26/08 04:08 AM

I agree on Victoria House 1000% - If I was planning my wedding right now or could do it over again - forget chicago I would go for Victoria House - it has the best beach
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/26/08 02:00 PM

I think it's not so common for a hotel to host a wedding if the couple does not stay there. There are some remote beaches that could be fun - staging that would require a wedding planner. The wedding planners know your options.

Elbert and Kate's wedding was lovely. The butterfly release was also special - especially the blue morpho that became so attached to the groom.
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/26/08 04:36 PM

elbert, you old softie smile

when i was looking to marry in bz - i believe the paperwork alone was like $500 and required a trip or agent to go to the mainland to get the license, etc. so, in light of this, you may reconsider your thinking that $1000 is a lot.

to ease our tight budget, we legally married at a small ceremony in the states and then did a "mock-up" in BZ. in my mind, i will always remember marrying in bz, and i use that date as our anniversary. just a suggestion.

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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/26/08 04:45 PM

We purchased the wedding package at Blue Tang Inn for our wedding. It's only a grand or so and is well worth the money. Having a wedding planner take care of the details so you can enjoy your time on the island is worth probably five times that much (and you would pay that easily in the states).

And I will say the Blue Tang Inn was teriffic for the entire event. We were married during Hurricane Wilma. Everyone at the Inn (and their wedding planner) took extra steps to make sure that we had a brilliant ceremony and amazing dinner, which was especially difficult with all the wind, rain, washed up debris on the beach... not to mention that half of the people our planner had scheduled for us left the island for shelter. The replacement folks did an amazing job though and we have such a delightful memory of our little wedding in the midst of a hurricane.
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/26/08 05:05 PM

i just returned from the wedding of my dreams in Ambergris Caye.....
here is some info:
planning by Keli and staff at IDOBELIZEWEDDINGS.COM
she organized EVERY SINGLE detail for the wedding.
the only thinking i did was when i picked my flower bouquet!

every touch from the personalized bottled water to the fan programs was so beautiful. Keli and her staff is amazingly detailed and soooooo personable, they thought of every detail!

wedding location: La Perla Del Caribe. these are the most luxurious beach front villas i have ever seen! we stayed in a 6 bedroom villa with family on the night before wedding then a private villa on wedding night. Sari (who runs the villas) sent a private boat to pick up the wedding guests...and spared no detail.
i cant say enough about this place!!! the pool is outstanding!! our wedding was on the La Perla Del Caribe beachfront ....the most perfect beach with beautiful palm trees!

wedding breakfast: done by shelly...she came out to our villa and cooked in the gorgeous kitchen! soooo delicious, our menu consisted of huevos rancheros and belizean rolls and cakes! oh, and we did mimosas too!

hair, makeup, nails done by Eli from Style Land.
she came out to our villa and spent the day doing hair makeup and nails. she even cut my husbands hair wedding day morning. she was amazing and her prices were so inexpensive!

: Kay Scott. i am in love with the photos she took. she captured every moment of my wedding and i had no idea she was even there taking photos! please look at our photos on her website: click gallery and then Shari & John!
more photos on my wedding website @:
let me know if you have any questions about the wedding. it was soooo amazing and i have tons more info to share![b][/b]

i will be making an entire post later on about my wedding, so check back for more info!
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/27/08 06:51 AM

Beautiful pictures, Shari!

Thanks for sharing.

Where did you see the fire dancer the night of the wedding?
I love the guestbook. Where did you find it?
How much did it cost for the stylist to come to you and do your hair the morning of the wedding?
Also curious how much it cost per night to stay at La Perla Del Caribe - what a gorgeous place!
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/27/08 07:25 AM

the wedding dinner was at Rojo Lounge- the fire dancer was on the Rojo Lounge beach. She was hired by IDOBELIZEWEDDINGS.COM, so i am not sure what the specific cost was. It was an amazing addition to the wedding dinner. There was a guy who played the drums while she did her routine. She was wonderful, and the guests were soooo excited. I believe her name is Lara.

The guestbook was another touch added from my wedding planner, unfortunately i have no info about it.

i have to contact my wedding planner to find out the specific cost of the hair stylist (ELI). We hired her for the whole day and i know that it was very inexpensive compared to US prices! she did everyones mani/pedi, hair, and makeup. She was Excellent. i had done a trial for my hair with her the day before and she tried some makeup on me and i loved it so i had her do my makeup too!

The Villa Pearl was $1150/night...but it has 5 bedrooms (each with there own bath) plus one xtra bathroom. so my entire family, with there spouses each had a room. The Villa is soooo gigantic and gorgeous. THe guests Jaws dropped when they stepped foot in the villa!!
We hired Shelley to come out to make breakfast in the beautiful kitchen.
it was such a blast. the villa has bose stereos and a great selection of CDs and i just remember the tropical island music that was playing and the smell of the delicious breakfast she made. (everyone agreed that this was their favorite part of the day!!)
my husband and i rented Villa Emerald (at La Perla) for our wedding night so we could be away from the wedding party!
the girls and I also used this Villa to get ready for the wedding.

i will contact my wedding coordinator to find out the other prices you asked about!

hope this helps!
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/27/08 05:46 PM

hi islandinthemist,
my husband has the invoice breakdown from IDOBELIZEWEDDINGS of every cost for the wedding. I am not sure how much of that i should post. let me contact IDOBELIZEWEDDINGS to see if it is ok for me to post each broken down cost (fire dancer, hair/makeup, etc)....or you could even probably contact them directly.
(keli is SUPER speedy in her response time!)
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/28/08 04:47 AM

Hi Island in the mist!

You're right, the guest book is very nice! You can easily find that book in different gift shops in San Pedro and it's not very expensive!!!

Good luck!
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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/28/08 03:48 PM


The Belize guestbook is found throughout most gift shops here in Belize and can also be used as a photo album. It was part of the gift to the couple. We use a beach wedding guestbook for your actual wedding guests to sign.


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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 02/29/08 06:43 PM

I got married at Banana Beach. The wedding was beautiful. There were fifty guests and it is in a low traffic area, therefore very private. If you want more info. check your private messages.

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Re: Good beach to get married on? - 03/01/08 11:44 PM

yes all beaches are public. most people get merried at the hotel they are staying at. they take care of all the little things you arent going to want to think of. they also keep the beach cleaned (sea grass is yuckie) and keep passers by out of the way. ramons has a nice beach. ive photographed a few of them there and they turned out very nice. $1000 is spendy but you arent going to want to fart around with doing your own paperwork and taking care of all the little details.
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