BTIA office in San Pedro

Posted By: Marty

BTIA office in San Pedro - 03/07/08 04:31 PM

from the Chamber of Commerce

Steve Schulte reported that a local office of the Belize Tourism & Industry Board was being established. A discussion ensued on how this could really help our island. Since our Area Representative, Manuel Heredia is now also the Minister of Tourism, this is appropriate and our Chamber can work more closely with them in attracting tourists as well as dealing with issues that discourage industry growth.
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Re: BTIA office in San Pedro - 03/07/08 04:43 PM

That would seem inevitable!

Having spent the last trip down to Belize traveling back and forth between SP and Belize City, with $500 in gas for the boat, and hours and hours at BTB, BTIA and the BPA, I now have a Captains License, am a member of BTIA and my company received BTB approval last Friday!

I only got to dive 1 day!

Look out for real estate prices to fall in October when my house should be finished!
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Re: BTIA office in San Pedro - 03/07/08 04:51 PM


It is the BTB (Belize Tourism Board) that will be opening an office in San Pedro. SORRY...
BTIA is a private organization.
BTB is the government group.
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