Land Pictures Wanted

Posted By: Nannahead

Land Pictures Wanted - 03/08/08 02:32 AM

Hi All,
I have a lot which was purchsed 7 years ago about one mile north of the cut. I may need to put it on the market, but having been so long since I've seen it.... I'm wondering how it looks.
Could I entice someone with a dinner or something to get some pics for me?
To find it's exact location, go to
Click on the little text that says,"Come To Tres Cocos Gardens".
My lot is the one labeled 13SB. It sits on the North side of the little canal cut into the shore.
Thanks a lot.
Posted By: *I Do* Belize Weddings

Re: Land Pictures Wanted - 03/08/08 02:57 AM

Please check your PM.

Posted By: seashell

Re: Land Pictures Wanted - 03/08/08 08:37 AM

Can't speak specifically to your lot, but I was up that way a few times in the past couple of weeks, and a couple of months ago and I must say, it's a nice area.
Posted By: jenni sharp

Re: Land Pictures Wanted - 03/08/08 09:15 PM

You can email me with more info
Posted By: twocandream

Re: Land Pictures Wanted - 03/09/08 02:36 AM

please check your PM
Posted By: pugwash

Re: Land Pictures Wanted - 03/09/08 05:55 AM

I've got $100 cash!
Posted By: JohnE

Re: Land Pictures Wanted - 03/09/08 01:33 PM

You do realise that the lot is shown as ' being available' ie not shown as sold.
Posted By: Nannahead

Re: Land Pictures Wanted - 03/09/08 07:07 PM

I know about the status.
Good point though. Someone might think I don't own it and am trying to scam.
I haven't updtaed anything really beacause I have no point of contact for updates. I don't hink 'ole Duke is at the Palapa Bar anymore either.
I'll try and get in to the site and make corrections, i.e. there is now a bridge over the cut. I'm hoping I don't crash the whole thing... oh well.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Land Pictures Wanted - 03/09/08 09:13 PM

Are you aware that this is a low lying area and floods in October??? Those who build here have to do a lot of fill.
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