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Posted By: Girlie girl 101

Church Services - 03/12/08 03:05 AM

Where is the church located? What time does Mass start on a Sunday morning? Thank you.
Posted By: jac

Re: Church Services - 03/16/08 07:10 PM

There is a church located right on the beach in San Pedro. I did not attend, but when I asked about times the locals thought they had mass every morning and evening. Went by one evening around sunset and saw they were having mass. I know that's not very specific but it's all I know. I believe the church bells chime to announce mass also.
Posted By: Girlie girl 101

Re: Church Services - 03/16/08 07:56 PM

Jac, Thanks! Will do!!
Posted By: denjy

Re: Church Services - 03/17/08 12:24 AM

The San Pedro Sun Visitors Guide, page 17, lists church services and times, etc. Use the link at upper right.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Church Services - 03/17/08 04:37 AM

I went to that church once, and was left with a strong feeling that the priest was on an ego trip. Totally alien to what I'm used to and I've never been back.
Posted By: Rykat

Re: Church Services - 03/17/08 05:23 AM

This must be the one you want p2?
Posted By: azbob

Re: Church Services - 03/17/08 03:42 PM

The bell will call you. It can be heard all over San Pedro!
Posted By: elbert

Re: Church Services - 03/17/08 04:26 PM

They also ring it when someone dies as in ancient stories.
I wonder now with our new larger population if that practice will slip into the past as well.
Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: Church Services - 03/17/08 07:23 PM

I've attended mass there a couple of times. It has a different flavor, but I enjoyed the service. The people were friendly and I found the priest to be pretty straightforward. It is definitely longer than mass in the US, it was the first time I'd sat in chruch for that long a period of time in a long while!
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