Belizian Shores??

Posted By: David77

Belizian Shores?? - 03/13/08 02:04 AM

I'm planning on making my first visit in July. I'm thinking about staying at Belizian Shores. I know it's kind of far from San Pedro. I know I can take a water taxi to town. Is it also possible to rent a golf cart and take it to town from there or is to far? Any reviews on Belizian Shores? Thanks
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Belizian Shores?? - 03/13/08 02:07 AM

Loved Belizean Shores. Great property, great staff, awesome pool. Onsite excursion staff was great to deal with, water taxi to town is convenient and be sure to inquire when the staff uses the property boat to go back and forth -- you may be able to catch a ride (though they will still likely charge you the going rate).

Answer is technically yes, but dependent on road conditions of the day. Golf cart rental for exploration and NOT as chief mode of transportation from Belizean Shores -- bad idea (my opinion only (but ain't this all?)).

Use Simon's service to stock your room before arrival. Great guy and invaluable service

Have fun!
Posted By: suecate

Re: Belizian Shores?? - 03/13/08 02:47 PM

Loved it. Everyone was very nice. The pool bar is the best on the island.
Posted By: scubawalk

Re: Belizian Shores?? - 03/13/08 03:33 PM

Check out Belizean Shores has always gotten good reviews.
Posted By: mrockl

Re: Belizian Shores?? - 03/13/08 04:36 PM

Stayed there last month. Beautiful place, wonderful people, superb pool (w/ cool bar near the hot tub) but don't expect a lot from the restaurant. The road is only good for a lark on its best day(maybe an hour to drive a cart one way the 3-4 miles from town), as a regular route its a joke. If you're diving, Tuff e Nuff, the on site crew, will take great care of you.
Posted By: ExNYerz

Re: Belizian Shores?? - 03/14/08 01:27 AM

We stayed at Belizean Shores 3 times. Great place to stay for your first time in AC. The second time we went, we brought an extra suitcase of just non-perishable foods so we didnt have to buy as much when we got there. (some foods are costly cause it all has to be shipped in)
Our next trip, we are staying closer to town. Trips to town by boat gets expensive and you dont want to take a golf cart cause the roads are so bad.
Have Fun, its an amazing experience wherever you stay.
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