Costa Maya Reef Resort

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Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/13/08 09:37 AM

Has anyone stayed at the Costa Maya Reef Resort? Like it? We will be there April 12.
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Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/13/08 10:00 AM

We've stayed up there the last couple of years and love it. It's much quieter than town, but if you buy the island ferry pass for the week, you kinda have the best of both worlds! Mexico Rocks is right in front of Costa Maya, and they have kayaks you can take out for snorkeling.
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Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/13/08 02:17 PM

We're in San Pedro April 14-21. Planning a get-together at the Chicken Drop (@ Sprindrift Hotel) on Wed Apr 16th. You're welcome to join us : )

OK, so it won't be one of Tacogirl/Tacoboy's famous crawls (acheduled for earlier in the month), but it will be fun. We hope the Taco's will grace us with their presence!
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Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/13/08 02:19 PM

Whoops, meant to PM, didn't mean to hijack the thread...
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Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/14/08 02:19 AM

went to Costa Maya with my cousin and friend to have a look and though I have not stayed there it looked very nice and everyone was friendly and breakfast was good.

Mexico rocks was wonderful. See Craig at the dive shop he has lots of information and good stories about what you can see under water in the area. I enjoyed talking with him.

Sounds like a plan snorklegirl
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Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/16/08 09:57 PM

I stayed there last August and loved it!
If you ate a diver, we had a very good experience with the onsite dive operation, Belize Academy of Diving. If you use them, tell Tracey and Craig that Carole, Mike, Bob and Sue said "hi and we hope to be back again this summer".
I would recommend getting the Island Ferry Pass and ordering groceries from Lagniappe Provisioning.
Posted By: Chief

Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/17/08 08:59 AM

Was the resturant there expensive? Food good? We are diving and have been talking with Tracey. Was thinking of just ordering a few things from the provisions. Not looking to go down there and cook..LOL
Posted By: CaroleD

Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/20/08 01:08 AM

The restaurant prices were like in the US. We only had 2 dinners and 1 lunch and the food was pretty good. The only time we cooked was after DH went fishing. We got lunch one day from the tamale man who comes by the resort on his bike - they were very good, just watch out for the bones!
Ordering provisions is a great idea. We didn't order enough beer so when we bought more in town we had to schlepp it around with us until we got the water taxi.
Glad to hear you've been in touch with Tracey. I took the crappy picture of the hammerhead that is on their website testamonials.
Don't forget the bug spray! The mosquitos were murder in the early AM and at night.
If you want to see pictures of the resort search for my previous posts as I gave a link to my pictures.
Have a great time!!
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Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/24/08 10:48 PM

We are heading to Costa Maya in a few weeks and curious if we should use the Provisioning company to stock up our timeshare?
I read somewhere that they charge $200.00 to go to Costa Maya Reef, is that true?

Will it be overly difficult to get what we need to bring to the resort?

Posted By: SimonB

Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/25/08 12:34 AM

Not true, it's a minimum $200 order.
Posted By: CaroleD

Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/28/08 02:36 AM

I would order my groceries ahead of time. We will be going again this summer and will order again. It was so nice arriving at the resort and having everything already in our unit, especially the cold beer for the men. We did run out of beer during the week and it was a pain lugging the case around town with us until we caught the ferry back.
Posted By: PCOak

Re: Costa Maya Reef Resort - 03/31/08 09:42 PM

Great, thanks for the update.
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